I'm so sick of my friends talking about whatever latest wellness trend they're obsessed with. We've been having weekly group FaceTimes, and I swear every week, one of them has shelled out money on some miracle product or service that claims to be the next best thing.

Last month, it was a monthly tea subscription service (who needs that much tea?!). I'm all for anything that is making my friends feel better, especially during such a weird time, but I'm always so skeptical of fleeting trends.

A few weeks ago, we were all chatting, and my friend Allie mentioned that she's been having a really hard time sleeping and I was so relieved that it wasn't just me. She said she'd tried everything from cutting out caffeine to melatonin, and nothing had worked for her. Until she found Medterra's CBD products.

I've tried a few different CBD products in the past and was always disappointed by the underwhelming results. Another trend that was a complete waste of money.

But Allie told me that Medterra's approach to CBD is totally different from any other brand she'd tried in the past because they put science and quality at the forefront of all of their products. She swore that their Sleep Tight Gummies were a total game-changer and the first CBD product that had actually worked for her.

I mean, good for her, but I wasn't about to make that mistake again. After our call, she sent me a link to their website, and I figured I had nothing to lose by checking it out.

What immediately struck me was how much information Medterra provides. They rigorously test all of their hemp with verified, 3rd party labs and list the purity of every product on the site. Honestly, I thought all CBD was the same, but Medterra's primary focus is on quality and efficacy, and I was surprised to read about how much care they put into sourcing and extracting their hemp.

All of Medterra's CBD is Non-GMO and sourced from organic hemp plants grown at farms here in the U.S. and go through a C02 extraction process that separates the oil from the rest of the plant. That ensures that all of their products are free of THC (which is the component in the plant that can give you that out-of-it feeling).

Medterra also has a great customer care team, and you can even seek advice on what products to try from one of their experts. Boy, these guys have thought of everything. They have products for sleep, relaxation, muscle pain, and even dogs!

I have to admit, their informative website and attention to detail were making rethink the whole CBD thing. Plus, I have been feeling a little more on edge the last few months (who hasn't, right?), so I took a look at some of their tincture bottles.

Medterra's CBD oil tinctures come in different strengths and flavors, which was music to my ears because I don't love the taste of hemp by itself. They also contain other health-boosting ingredients, like MCT, which can help metabolic function. A 1000mg bottle costs $59.99, which is more affordable than other CBD products I've tried in the past that ended up doing nothing for me.

Medterra's website eased any concerns I had about CBD, so I decided to bite the bullet and try the Broad-Spectrum tincture for myself.

When it arrived a few days later, it was a particularly busy day of zoom meetings. I put a few drops under my tongue and held it there for about 20 seconds. The strawberry flavor was nice and not too overpowering. I went about my hectic day, and I can't really explain it, but I just felt more grounded and relaxed overall. I still felt focused, but the day felt more manageable.

I've been using Medterra CBD for a few weeks now, and it's become a staple in my day. The longer you take it, the more it builds up in your system, so I also ordered the Sleep Tight Gummies that my friend swears by.

Medterra has gotten CBD right by creating high-quality products that actually work. Now all I have to do is listen to the "I told you so" taunts from Allie!

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Here's Why We Recommend Caliper Hemp

I'd tried CBD before, but it hadn't worked for me. After holding the oil under my tongue for over 30 seconds, I walked around my kitchen for an hour thinking, "is it working?" before trudging up to bed and tossing and turning for an hour before drifting off to sleep.

It's a shame, because I really wanted to feel its benefits - cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory properties that can support overall peace and wellbeing. Bloggers I know loved it, but I figured it was another health hoax.

So when I went hiking with a friend, and she offered me CBD on the trail, I said no. I didn't want to take any more of her expensive placebo. I did ask how she was keeping a bottle of oil in her small fanny pack, and she took out what looked like a sugar packet.

She said Caliper's CBD is delivered in a powder form, which is absorbed way more easily than the oil. I told her I still thought it wouldn't work on me (or at all), but she gave me a packet to take home anyway. She stirred it into her water bottle, and we kept on hiking.

I kind of forgot about the sachet in my backpack, until in about a week, I was scrolling through my newsfeed and saw someone else talking about the wonders of CBD. Ugh!

I decided to search Caliper CBD, with the hope that they were different and was surprised to see that they claim their powder is "6.5x more absorbed in the first 15 minutes compared with oil-soluble CBD." That was promising.

Also, with the individual packets, they said it was more consistent and precise than oil, which makes sense - I definitely may have messed up the tincture dropper last time.

It was flavorless, but I called my friend just in case, asking if I had to make iced tea or something to mask the flavor. She told me it's really, genuinely flavorless, so water would be fine, but I could put it on ice cream if I wanted to. I decided to just put my packet in a glass of water, and see if it did anything. No harm, no foul.

CBD Dissolvable Powder
4.5x more absorption than competitors
Try Caliper Now!

It stirred up easily, with no clumps floating to the surface. My water still tasted like water, no sweet or bitter aftertaste.

About 15 minutes in- I still felt nothing. What on Earth were people raving about?!

Then, about 30 minutes in, the only way I can think to describe it is that the tension from my shoulders was gently released. I'm a little neurotic, but I could feel my body telling me to take a breath and slow down, without feeling foggy.

It was subtle, but really important. This was the feeling I'd been wanting from the oils, but never got - just a gentle relaxation, without losing focus. I finished up a report I'd been working on, did some cleaning I'd been putting off and went to bed.

When I woke up, no fogginess, just a readiness to take on the day. Wow! I definitely wanted to keep this around - Caliper CBD offers a 10-pack and a 30-pack, with 10% off and free shipping if you subscribe.

I went for the 30-pack and it's been a couple of weeks now - I keep some powders stashed in my bags, and also in the cabinet, in case I'm feeling stressed. I've also noticed a difference in the way I approach stressors even when I'm not on CBD - everything feels a little more manageable.

Seriously, having Caliper CBD at my disposal wherever I go, has made me a bit of a calmer person - I know I can handle whatever comes my way. I also now understand that CBDs are NOT created equal - so many companies are just trying to cash in on the craze, so I'm glad I finally found the real deal.

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How Liveli Helps My Overall Wellness

Liveli's Find Your Zen Was The Perfect Introduction To CBD Wellness

I've been looking for ways to improve my habits recently to find a better sense of wellness. I'd thought about introducing CBD, but I had no idea where to start, and what brands were trustworthy. I'm always a bit skeptical when it comes to trends, and I've heard a lot of mixed things about CBD. It seems to work really well for some people, and not at all for others.

I decided to do some research and explore a few different CBD brands. I came across one called Liveli, which stood out to me because all their products seemed to have other beneficial ingredients as well as CBD.

Their products were made with full-spectrum whole-plant hemp and were formulated clean and healthy with no added sugars. I still wasn't convinced on whether CBD was worthwhile, but at least with a brand like Liveli, I'd still be getting health benefits from other superfoods and antioxidants even if the CBD didn't work.

During my research, I found that most CBD brands didn't have any products for beginners or people who just wanted to test it out to see if it worked for them. Products were only offered in full sizes and at a higher price point.

Liveli, however, had a product solely for people who were new to CBD, allowing them to sample three of their powders for just $19.95!

The product is called Find Your Zen and is "the perfect introduction" to their functional superfood powders and the world of CBD wellness. It includes 6 individual stickpacks - 2 of each of the powders. The powders included are CBD + Supergreens, CBD + Collagen Peptides, and CBD + Plant-Powered Protein.

I read that the Supergreens and Plant-Powered Protein are vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free. The Collagen Peptides is gluten free, soy free, dairy free, keto, and paleo. It's made from grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine collagen and ethically and sustainably created.

All 3 powders had ingredients with clear benefits other than CBD, and if I found something that worked for me, it would be worth the 20 bucks, so I decided to order it. It arrived promptly to my doorstep in just a few days.

I decided to approach it by trying one a day. I started off my day by adding the CBD + Supergreens to my morning smoothie.

First, I was surprised at how tasteless it was in my smoothie, considering the amount of "green" ingredients, but it still added a hint of flavor I liked. After I finished it, I have to say I definitely noticed a difference. I felt uplifted and recharged and like I was in an overall better mood than usual (I'm not a morning person), but a sense of calm at the same time. It was the perfect way to start the day. It was amazing to be able to introduce a healthy dose of leafy greens I normally struggle to fit in my diet regularly.

The next day, at about noon, I put the coconut flavored CBD + Collagen powder in my midday coffee. This time, I could definitely taste it, it was sweet, but it was delicious - the coconut flavor went well with my coffee. Again, I felt the calmness from the CBD and I felt refreshed and more focused after. I'm also getting to the age now where I could use a little collagen support, so the fact that this CBD powder could help promote healthier hair, skin, nails, and joints was a major plus.

The third day, in the evening I took CBD + Plant-Powered Protein. It had a nice vanilla scent, so I just mixed it with water and found it really tasty. It calmed me down after a long day and got me to relax in the evenings.

I liked both so much I decided to subscribe to get a full size of the CBD + Supergreens and CBD + Collagen Peptides every month. I definitely felt uplifted after drinking the supergreens in the morning, and I liked the calm feeling the CBD gave me. They each work out at less than $2 per serving when you subscribe. Considering all the superfood ingredients, that's amazing value.

I recommended Liveli's Find Your Zen to a few of my friends and one of my vegan friends ended up subscribing to get a full sized CBD + Plant-Powered Protein every month after trying it. Even though it has a hefty 20g of protein per serving, she said it doesn't have the chalky texture of other protein powders she's tried, and she liked the added benefits the CBD gave. She's been adding it to her smoothies, pancakes, other baked goods, you name it!

If you want to try CBD but don't know where to start, Liveli's Find Your Zen is the perfect introduction. It proved to me that CBD does work and it's been a great addition to my daily routine.

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