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7 Ways Betty White Makes Us Smarter

She's often been called America's sweetheart, but she's more like our favorite grandpa's chill girlfriend.

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Happy 99th birthday, Betty White!

Even though learning history is pointless (since it's for nerds and never repeats itself), we've all enjoyed the historical fact that Betty White is, in fact, older than sliced bread. But sliced bread can't serve as a measurement of time the way that Betty White can. Aside from her 70-year television career, the actress and comedian lived through the advent of traffic signals, sunglasses, and ballpoint pens.

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Happy Birthday Miley Cyrus!

Can it be that our favorite naked-obsessed-weed-loving-strap-on-wearing gal is still at the tender young age of only 23?!

Music Monday — Perfect Songs For A Little Slow Dance

Smiley Miley has certainly had one hell of a year—a major feud with Nicki Minaj, coming out as pansexual, controversial hosting of VMA's and now forming a new act (Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz) and releasing a surprise new album!  Busy girl!

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However Miley is also a lot more than just a performer who loves to shock.  She's also a humanitarian, a vegan and a feminist who has done a lot of good in the world this year. She donated $500k to AIDS research, opened a non-profit organisation to help homeless LGBTQ youth, rescued numerous pets and gave away her album for free.

Music Monday—The 10 Greatest Bond Theme Songs

She doesn't care what people say—she lets the haters do their thing and she gets on with doing her thing.  Miley is so much more than her latest shock tactic and she will keep helping the under-privileged, helping animals and releasing great music regardless of the judgement.

Music Monday — The 10 Best Songs All About Monday

Keep on being you Miley—we love you and Happy Birthday!

Birthday Miley Cyrus

Birthday Miley Cyrus

Celebrity November birthdays

Kendall Jenner left her teens behind her today, and her family were out in numbers last night as she celebrated with a huge party at Mr Nice Guy.

Supermodel Kendall looked stunning in a black jumpsuit with the neckline slashed to her navel as she was joined by her model BFFs Hailey Baldwin and Gigi Hadid.

Looking At 17-Year-Old Kylie Jenner’s $2.7 Mil House Can Seriously Fuck Your Zen Up

Caitlyn Jenner was notable for her absence, however Kendall's sisters were on hand help her celebrate—sticking to their tried and tested fashion formulas:

Kylie — changed up her hair and accessorized with Tyga on her arm

Kourtney — showing off her body now she's single (sadly her chest after three kids didn't quite match perky 20 year old Kendall's (bitchy I know but got to be said)).

Kim — squeezed her third trimester pregnancy body into a dress that was two sizes too small

Khloe—always fighting off the camel toe.

Khloe Kardashian Flaunts Ginormous Camel Toe

The ladies were joined by Momager Kris with her boyfriend Corey Gamble, Kanye West went along and even cracked a smile.  The place was brimming with Kendall's celebrity pals including Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas, Ruby Rose, Drake and Jaden Smith.

Khloe Kardashian Gets Naked….Again

Young Kendall isn't the only smoking hot babe to celebrate her birthday in November—check out our gallery of Hot Babes Born In November...

Celebrity November birthdays

Celebrity November birthdays

57 never looked so fabulous bitches!

Madonna celebrated her birthday in Gypsy style, along with her four kids, Lourdes, Rocco, David and Mercy, over the weekend—and Popdust has photos.

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In true Madonna style, it wasn't all just play and fun, she also managed to get a little work promo squeezed in, courtesy her birthday cake.

Madge just turned 57 bitches.....

The cake featured a Madge-like figurine, dressed in leopard-print knickers and red top, and was emblazoned with the words Rebel Heart—in honor of her latest album and upcoming tour.

The centerpiece of the celebrations (aside from the birthday girl herself, natch) was a bar featuring a huge letter M in lights.

Cringe! Madonna Eats Drake’s face At Coachella—Watch His Hilarious Reaction

The Material Girl posted pics of her big bash on her Instagram, including a super cute shot of one of her gifts, an adorable black and white French Bulldog.

"Gypsy Rosa Lee ... best birthday present ever!" she captioned the puppy pic.

Madge looked as absolutely fabulous as usual—decked out in a see-through black gown and floral head dress, and tons of heavy gold jewelry.

Watch Madonna And Ellen’s Hilarious Dress You Up Performance

In one photo, Madge is seen posing with her 18-year-old mini-me, Lordes, sticking her tongue out playfully.

"Birthday Fun with Princess #1," she captioned the pic

She also posted a beautiful photo of "gypsy princess #2" Mercy, 8, getting a kiss on the cheek, along with a pic of a very handsome (and grown up looking!!) David, 9, smiling happily in an open front shirt and black hat; and a pic of Rocco, 15, posing with a pal.

Madonna Says She Felt ‘Incarcerated’ During Marriage To Guy Ritchie

Also in attendance were Andy Cohen, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos—all decked out in full Spanish Gypsy regalia.

“Only one person could get adults to dress up like Spanish Gypsies for one night!” Cohen noted in the caption of a photo he posted of the three of them.

There was no sign of any of Madonna’s exes, but Guy Ritchie was in attendance last week to help mark Rocco’s birthday.

Madonna Says Gay African Americans Have More Rights Than Women

The couple posted video of the celebrations, showing Madonna holding a cake for Rocco as he blew out the candles and Guy giving him a kiss on the head.

Earlier in the week, Madge did take time to give a shout out to her first ex-hubby, Sean Penn, though, whose birthday is on August 17—one day after hers.

"It's almost our birthdays. Two Leos" she captioned an old black and photo of the two, taken by Herb Ritts, back in the day.

Kate Gosselin is back for another TLC Kate Plus 8 special—and is it just us, or does she look more and more miserable and wretched each and every time?!!

This time, the single mom takes the cameras along as she celebrates (kind of) turning the big 4-0 in Mexico, with her eight kids and her best friend Deanna.

During what appears to be an utterly excruciating dinner—which Kate later professes to be “one of the most memorable nights” in a very long time (Jesus, what are her usual nights out like?!!)—she basically bitches and moans and gripes about how sick she is over everyone always asking her if she’s dating, and claims that the past five years, since she divorced Jon Gosselin, have been “the happiest of my life” (all while looking like she’s about to jump under a bus).

She later shares to camera (all while looking seriously depressed) that the night was particularly special, because she actually almost managed to forget for a while that she’s the mother of eight children.


Well, one thing is for certain, Kate Gosselin certainly isn’t mellowing or improving with age—in fact, she morphs more and more into a robotic Stepford Wife with each and every day it appears.

Well, happy birthday Kate, we guess….

Tune into TLC tonight at 10/9 central to see Kate have the most miserable looking birthday ever time of her life south of the border with her poor long suffering best friend and her oh so lucky eight kids.

It seems like only yesterday that The Little Couple brought their son Will home from China.

But, in this week’s episode of the hit TLC show, we see Bill Klein and Dr. Jen Arnold get ready to celebrate Will’s 5th birthday—and Popdust has video.

In true Little Couple style, Bill and Jen make it all about the family, enlisting daughter Zoey to help make Will’s big day super special.

The family re-decorates Will’s room with a transportation scheme—and, as Jen says, the arts and crafts foray is all about “controlled chaos.”

However, a little sibling rivalry flares up after Zoey takes a nap in her big brother’s bed!

Meanwhile, as Jen becomes even more swamped at work, SuperDad Bill steps in to take over the party organization—deciding on a Mad Scientist theme, complete with ‘scientists’ in lab coats who run colorful science experiments.

However, Jen is soon horrified to discover that she messed up on the one birthday planning task she was allocated—by sending out the party invites, with the wrong address on them!

Oh boy!

Will the party guests arrive in time to celebrate with Will?

Tune into The Little Couple tonight at 9/8c on TLC to find out!

In the meantime, watch sneak peek video below—and check out Popdust’s gallery of Will through the ages!