The band's name is Chair Warriors.

Based in Montreal, and tagged as melodic modern rock, the band's new music video "So Alive" premieres today. Slated for official release on October 5, Popdust presents "So Alive" four days early.

Composed of Brandon Mignacca (vocals, keyboards), Rob Flis (guitar), and Gopal Devanathan (drums), Chair Warriors got together in 2009. The next year, they won Global TV's Can Your School Rock? They released their debut EP, A Thousand Words in 2011, followed by two singles/videos, "Saviours" (2013) and "Liars" (2014). In 2017, the band dropped their Dawn of Edo EP, as well as its first single "Lights Out." The second single/video from the EP is "So Alive."

Chair Warriors' distinctive sound, defined by vibrant melodies and swelling harmonics, reflects an innovative, diverse approach: Flis' musical influences are primarily progressive rock, while Devanathan's muse embraces Led Zeppelin, Genesis, and Rush. At the same time, Mignacca plays both the melody and bass on keyboards, abstaining from the conventional use of a bass guitar.

"So Alive" opens with Mignacca's yummy voice atop scintillating keyboards seguing into a potent pop-rock melody energized by Flis' surging guitar, infusing the tune with sizable colors. The juxtaposition of the gleaming keyboards with the darker hues of the guitar gives the music bicameral oomph.

Mignacca's voice, powerful and crystal clear, pumps the song full of compelling tones, as well as intense emotional pigments. On the chorus, layers of vocal harmonies add brilliance and sonic girth.

"So Alive" is alive with scrumptious harmonic textures, glittering breaks, and contagious rhythmic flow. The Chair Warriors are definitely bangin'!

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Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.

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