TikTok has to be the most influential app on our phones right now. It can sell a product out in seconds, ruin someone’s reputation, or send the lucky few into superstardom. Had their music not gone viral on the app, artists like Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat may never have been revealed to us.

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Fall isn’t really the time for pops of bright neons and bold statement colors. It could be because our tans are fading and hot pinks will wash us out, or because the weather is colder and we want to blend in as much as possible. Either way, I’m convinced it’s something about our moods and the weather that affects what color we wear.
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Who is Emma Chamberlain? YouTuber, Met Gala Host, Architectural Digest Darling and … Coffee Entrepreneur?

Just as she reinvented the notion of social media fame and the very concept of a fashion influencer as we know it, Chamberlain Coffee is up-and-coming in the coffee world.

Emma Chamberlain

via Chamberlain Coffee

It's National Coffee Day! But do the cool girls even drink coffee anymore?

From the TikTok “That Girl” videos, you’d think they only drink ceremonial grade matcha or mushroom tincture or some other frivolous bevy. But Gen Z hasn’t yet dubbed coffee a millennial beverage or relegated it to pretentious hipsters. Have no fear, with Chamberlain Coffee, your caffeine fix is cool again.

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