From Lizzo's Tiny Purse to Selena Gomez's Shaky Return: The Internet's Hottest AMA Takes

In terms of memes, the AMAs didn't disappoint. In other respects, of course it disappointed. It's the AMAs.

As we know, the Internet is the world's most accurate and knowledgeable arbiter of talent, and Twitter users and entertainment bloggers are the definitive arbiters of taste and quality.

Also, the AMAs are notorious for selecting top-tier talent, never catering to the whims of the music industry and their own moneyed interests, but rather elevating the voices of artists who deserve to be honored...That said, here's what the Internet had to say about the AMAs.

1. Selena Gomez's performance was off-key—but it wasn't her fault

After nearly two years away from the stage, Selena Gomez returned to perform her new song "Lose You to Love Me." The Internet immediately responded with harsh criticism, calling her performance off-key, but many leapt to her defense, arguing that nerves and her long absence from performing played a role.

Apparently, the performance was plagued by technical difficulties from start to finish, and Gomez also had a "panic attack" before the show, according to E! News. Fortunately, Gomez seemed to be doing well later in the night, and, after hearing about the technical difficulties, fans have swarmed to her defense.

2. Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello gave us more of the same

Heterosexual icons Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are milking their "Señorita" success for all it's worth, and they brought the same recipe to the AMAs. Unfortunately, the repetition caused fans to actually listen to the song instead of being mesmerized by Cabello's hair and Mendes' biceps, which caused some confusion and doubts.

3. Lizzo's purse was the best part of the entire show

Lizzo's tiny purse made headlines in TIME magazine, CNN, Harper's Bazaar, Jezebel, Buzzfeed, and many other major news sources, many of which argued that the purse was "the best part of the entire show," so if anything, that ought to tell you something about the show. It also inspired a flurry of delicious memes.

Admittedly, the purse was pretty iconic. Maybe we can all resolve to belch extra-tiny amounts of fossil fuels into the atmosphere next.

4. Taylor Swift "avoided controversy"

Taylor Swift won Artist of the Decade at the AMAs and, after asking the entire Internet for help and gaining sympathy and support from everyone from Elizabeth Warren to Cher, it turned out that she was able to triumph over adversity in order to perform her old hits. She also won all five of the awards she was nominated for and became the most awarded artist in the history of the AMAs.

5. Post Malone is adorable

Post Malone won the award for Favorite Rap/Hip Hop album for Hollywood's Bleeding, but he also won the award for king of good vibes when the camera caught him dancing along to Shania Twain's medley.

All in all, Posty had a great night. He performed with Ozzy Osbourne and Travis Scott, and during his album acceptance speech, he solidified his place in awards show history with a peculiar closing line. Just as he was finishing up, he said, "We love you very much and I love grapes."

This sparked a flurry of speculation about the meaning of that cryptic phrase and also caused the Internet to conclude that Post Malone is someone who would be really fun to have a beer with. Maybe we should just elect Post Malone for president; after all, the mark of a great elected official is how fun they'd be to have a beer with. Right?

6. BTS won big, and the ARMY can sleep well tonight

The K-pop powerhouse group won all three of the categories they were nominated in, taking home the awards for Favorite Social Artist, Tour of the Year, and Favorite Duo or Group. Fans were ecstatic, especially since BTS has been slighted by awards shows (cough, the Grammys) in the past.

7. Kesha, Green Day, and Shania Twain returned

The AMAs provided plenty of nostalgia to tug on the heartstrings of their older viewers. Kesha returned to blow everyone away with her hit "Tik Tok"; Green Day celebrated the 25th anniversary of the release of their album Dookie and reinvigorated emo with their performance; and Shania Twain blew everyone (most of all Post Malone) out of the water.9. Halsey threw shade at the Grammys

We all know that the AMAs are just a somehow more watered-down Grammys, and Halsey reminded us that though she won the award for Favorite Pop/Rock Song for her smash hit "Without Me," she's bitter over her Grammys snub and disillusioned with the trappings of fame and awards on the whole.

In spite of her speech, most people were impressed with her performance.

8.Lil Nas X made everyone emotional

Despite being 20 years old and set for life thanks to the success of his very first single, the wunderkind (clad in an instantly iconic neon green suit) reminded everyone that it's never too late to shine.

9. Ciara and Megan Thee Stallion invented knees

Ciara hosted, performed her new single "Melanin," rocked every one of her looks, received her first platinum plaque as a music label owner, twerked with Megan Thee Stallion (who also delivered some priceless moments), and cemented her place as an eternal star and a person entirely immune to the passage of time.

10. Billie Eilish is really scary and very talented—but she's not alt-rock

I don't think I'm alone in saying Billie Eilish is the embodiment of everything that terrifies and amazes me about Gen Z teen girls. During her first awards show performance, she literally lit the stage on fire.

Despite her talent, viewers were quick to criticize the category she won in (alt-rock).

Then again, music is perpetually changing, genre is just about as real as gender (which is to say it's not real and was created by capitalism), and all of us old folk who don't understand how Billie Eilish won for alt-rock will be dead soon or relegated to the dusty attics of "Ok Boomer" land soon enough anyway.

11. We're all going to be telling our kids about this someday

Apparently nobody's sticking to their vow not to have kids until we stop the climate crisis, because almost every performance in the AMAs become the subject of a "gonna tell my kids" meme. Poor kids.


The Best Show That’s Not on TV: A Beginner’s Guide to "Red Table Talk"

Red Table Talk should be discussed in groups like a book club.

The intergenerational show features Willow Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Adrienne Banfield Morris.

Red Table Talk

Jada Pinkett Smith began the Facebook Watch show Red Table Talk with the intention of it being a hobby.

Over a year and thirty-seven episodes later, it's become a must-watch program, gaining millions of views per episode. On the show, Smith usually congregates with her daughter, Willow, and mother, Adrienne Banfield Morris, to discuss pressing issues. The intergenerational show centers on the three black women as daughters, mothers, and grandmothers who discuss difficult subjects. They dig into societal taboos and illuminate deeply ingrained problems in our families, in our country, and within ourselves. Every episode explores new questions, revelations, and personal insecurities.

On Facebook, the comments section is flooded with debate and gratitude. In a period when our country is more divided than ever, so many Americans are longing to come together and for a platform to discuss what's gone unheard. Whether the three women are discussing white privilege, child brides, or sexuality—the red table feels like a safe space for understanding, with the underlying certainty that we're all equally human.

Yet, we're still different. Red Table Talk sends out the flashing message that different perspectives and active listening can transform a generation—if we're open to it. For 20 minutes per episode, what happens at dinner tables across the country is happening on your screen, allowing viewers to reflect on serious conversations based around respect.

Red Table Talk should be one of the most watched educational programs, discussed in groups like a book club, where introspection, deliberation, and debate are possible.

With that in mind, during every discussion in your personal life, you should reflect on the following questions and maybe pose them to others, thoughtfully and respectfully.

  1. How can I productively contribute to this conversation? Should I participate or sit back and listen?
  2. Do I have privilege here? If yes, how do I use it to benefit others and undo the oppressive systems in effect?
  3. What are my biases?
  4. What is my intention in contributing?
  5. Do I dominate conversations? If yes, how can I work to become a better listener?
  6. Am I being defensive or attempting to inform in a positive fashion?
While you watch the more recent episodes of Red Table Talk, here's a guided shortcut to the major topics covered by the powerful women.


Should White People Adopt Black Children?

Unpacking White Privilege and Prejudice

The Racial Divide: Women of Color and White Women

Questions discussed include:

Should white people adopt any child of color?

What are the responsibilities of a person raising a child of a different race?

Do you believe that white people pass down their own biases and internalized racism to their children and in their everyday lives?

How can people teach children to be inclusive?

Can people unteach and undo exclusionary mentalities in adults?

Can all women come together or will race continue to divide us based on our experiences and prejudice?

True or False: Race is a construct. We are the human race.

How can people include and make space for other POC, when race has become such a black and white issue?

Toxic Organizations and Mentalities

Children Forced into Marriage— A National Disgrace

Leah Remini: Setting the Record Straight

Molested As a Young Boy: An NBA Star Breaks His Silence

Questions discussed include:

Why do people raise their daughters with different standards than their sons?

Why do people feel shame when they themselves are the victims?

How can we advocate for the destigmatization of sexual abuse in our society and in our laws?

Becoming a mother can become a source of strength, but also a burden— how can we find support in our everyday lives?

At your lowest, how do you motivate yourself?

True or False: Only you can get yourself out of a bad situation,

Everyone should go to therapy— yes or no?

Should we trust the laws our government enforces, when so often they work against many members of our society?

Does religion cause more harm than good?

Should people indoctrinate their children into a faith at a young age?

Romantic Relationships

Unconventional Relationships: Can Multiple Relationships Work?

Common: Breaking Destructive Cycles

Infidelity: Can Your Relationship Last?

Questions discussed include:

Would you consider participating in a polyamorous relationship? If not, why? If yes, why?

Can polyamorous relationships last and be balanced?

Why do many consider the nuclear family to be the ideal norm in our society?

How do you learn to trust other people?

Being closed off can be a way to protect yourself: Why do people shame others for having walls?

Meanwhile, vulnerability is treated as a strength nowadays: How can we create healthy, emotional boundaries in our everyday lives?

True or false: You can only love someone if you love yourself.

Why do people consider cheating to be the end-all, be-all worst betrayal in a romantic relationship?

True or false: Once a cheater always a cheater.

How can you rebuild trust after cheating?

Are we, as humans, meant to be monogamous?


RELEASE RADAR | Premieres from Slut Magic, BIANCA, Pony League, and more!

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Rockie Nolan

With seven premieres and other new videos and albums to explore, you definitely won't be bored this weekend.

RELEASE RADAR is here to give you the breakdown of your top singles, albums, and videos to check out as you head into your weekend. Get ready to jam out with some of our favorite up-and-coming artists, plus celebrate new stuff from those you already know and love.

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The Best Outfits at the AMAs

Gigi Hadid killed it not once, not twice, but SIX TIMES.

Last night, the AMAs was not only a happening spot for music, but fashion too. The biggest fashion star of the night was Gigi Hadid, who wore a whopping SIX haute couture outfits during her hosting gig. During the stint, she prominently wore Julian McDonald (twice, if we're keeping count), Atelier Versace (also two times), Roberto Cavalli, and Lebanese designer Nicolas Jebran. Whew! Talk about a closet, hunty! Other notable fashion moments came from Nicki Minaj, who showed plenty of skin during her performance of "Side to Side" with Ariana Grande. There was also Ciara, who proved maternity wear can be chic and glamorous with her spandex Roberto Cavalli getup. Some misses of the night... well... we'll get to that soon. Check out all of the hits and misses of the night below:

Drake's "Cruise Dad" Outfit

Getty Images

For some reason Drake is really sticking to his "rich suburban dad" look, which has endured since his sweatsuit-filled "Hotline Bling" video. For this AMA outfit, Drake looks like he belongs on one of those Tom Joyner Cruises with a cigar in one hand and a second-wife that's more than 20 years his former in the other.

Zayn Malik

Getty Images

Zayn showed us all how to rock a slim-fitted suit with his Versace Royal Tailored Wool Suit (which retails for $2975). The look is the perfect mixture of youthful and "grown-man" for the 23-year-old.

The Best of Gigi Hadid's SIX Outfits

1. Roberto Cavalli

Getty Images

Gigi started off the night with a strong twist on two of the year's biggest trends: off the shoulder tops and chokers. Like only she could, Gigi found a way to turn the youth-centric trends into something glamorous and timeless.

2. Versace

Getty Images

Sheer is a trend that needs to trickle its way down to fast-fashion ASAP. Hopefully after this little number Zara calls up its designers and whips together some affordable alternatives by... lets say.... tomorrow morning, please?

3. Julien McDonald

Getty Images

We're thinking Gigi took some inspo from Gaga's recent country theme and called up her stylist for a kewt jacket with mucho fringe.

The Worst (which is this Popduster's sole opinion):

Getty Images

This Julien McDonald cut-out dress might be a little too mature for Gigi, who is only 21. The dress would look better on someone in their mid-40s. On Gigi, the dress hovers some weird line between First Lady wannabe and sex vixen.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj will never not look good in some kewt high-waisted shorts and a bra.

...I said what I said.


Fresh off the release of her new "Slumber Party" video with Britney Spears, Tinashe walked the red carpet wearing American designer Michael Costello.


Getty Images

Ciara showed off her baby bump in a Roberto Cavalli dress. The singer is expecting her second child with new husband and star football player, Russell Wilson (she had her first child, Future Jr., with the rapper Future).

Ciara Sues Future

Ciara and Future have been at war since they called off their engagement and split in August 2014.

It's been a rocky relationship and in the most part it's been the rapper who has thrown the public shade at his baby momma, all under the guise of creative license. Who can forget the classic Pussy Overrated which speaks for itself and came out just after their break up?

Future Cheating On Ciara With Stylist ‘Clearly Not A One-Night Thing’

However, there is a vast difference between song lyrics and out and out publicly slagging her off as a mother of their son Future Zahir Wilburn, and Ciara has had enough—she's suing his ass.

TMZ obtained the suit which cites a few interviews where he spoke on her and boyfriend Russell Wilson;

"Ciara calls out Future for a radio interview in which he discussed a now infamous photo of Wilson pushing Ciara and Future's son in his stroller.  Future said, "She probably set him [Russell] up.  You letting them catch that photo.  Leave my son out of all publicity stunts.

Ciara points out several other interviews, but she's also pissed about her baby daddy's Twitter rant in January when Future said, "This bitch got control problems...I gotta go through lawyers to see baby future...the fuckery for 15k a month."

Ciara says in the suit that she has made sure Future sees their son, and that they've had at least 19 visitations, some over several days since December 2014.

Amber Rose Files For Divorce From Wiz Khalifa, Wants Full Custody Of Son

She is suing him for libel and slander to the tune of $15 million as she reckons his comments were made with malice and all to publicize his music.  She wants all his nasty tweets deleted and she wants him blocked from saying anything about baby Future in future.

No response from Future or his lawyers yet but we do expect a comment in the near future.

Ciara Sues Future

Ciara Sues Future

Mariah Carey proved long ago that just because a song is a heartfelt ballad that doesn't mean that you can't roll around naked in the music video, so we can probably thank Mimi for Ciara's racy I Bet visual.

The sole goal of the video is to highlight Ciara's spectacular body, beauty. and flexibility, which I guess is supposed to make babydaddy Future regret screwing things up with her.

Despite some hilarious product placement, ridiculous simulated sex choreography, and a leotard that's so thin Ciara's vagina could pop out at any moment, the 29-year-old's physique is so awe-inspiring that it immediately trumps the absurdity of seeing her deliver a porno performance for an emotional midtempo single like I Bet.

Besides, if you looked as good as Ciara, wouldn't you walk around half-naked humping everything in sight too?