Songs About Loss for Día de los Muertos

These songs transcend lifetimes.

Día de los Muertos is about remembering the dead, celebrating their lives, and acknowledging the pain of losing loved ones.

It's a sacred day in Mexico and parts of South America, and it's very much not Halloween.

For Day of the Dead, we've compiled a selection of traditional and contemporary Mexican folk songs meant to honor the holiday, as well as everyone who has made the passage over to the other side.

You might know the last one, "Remember Me," from the film Coco, but Day of the Dead has inspired countless traditional songs, poems, and brilliant works of art. Ultimately, attendees at typical Day of the Dead celebrations will often play the kind of music that their departed loved ones enjoyed, so if you're looking to honor departed loved ones on this day, you might just want to spin their favorite tunes. That said, the Mexican folk music tradition is rich in tradition and sublime in sound, and some of these songs are too gorgeous not to share.

Remember, though, if you're not part of the culture that celebrates this holiday, be careful if, when, and how you decide to partake in this day. Make sure you're not appropriating these cultures, avoid wearing costumes, do some research on the holiday and its meaning and sacredness, and support Mexican artists and causes.

1. La Llorona

This folk song's origins are wrapped in obscurity, but it is known that the song originated a long time ago in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. In 1941, the composer Andres Henestrosa popularized the song. There are numerous modern versions, with everyone from Chavela Vargas to Lila Jones lending their voices and finger-picking skills to the track.

The tune's lyrics are said to come from the original legend of La Llorona, the ghostly "Weeping Woman" of Mexican and South American folklore. Some of the verses were probably written during the Mexican Revolution, and today, it's frequently used to scare children into going to bed. Since it tells the story of a ghost (or a woman who won't allow her lover to leave her, depending on the interpretation), it's a natural fit for Día de los Muertos.

La llorona , Chavela Vargas

2. La Bruja

Just as La Llorona tells the story of a wicked, ghostly woman, so does La Bruja, which translates loosely to "The Witch." According to legend, La Bruja is a kind of witch that sucks blood like a vampire. Lyrically, like La Llorona, it's also been interpreted as being about a woman who goes out on the hunt for a man, though there are many legends about what its lyrics might be trying to say. Most of the song is from the perspective of someone getting stolen by a witch. Some believe it references the old folk story that witches would dance with candles on their heads, making it look like the candles were floating; others believe it has more ominous implications, but it's really up to the listener.

The song is often used as a children's rhyme, but it's also been gorgeously covered by many artists.

Vincente Chavarria | La Bruja | AEA Sessions

3. Calaveritas — Ana Tijoux, Celso Piña

This song was released by Chilean rapper Ana Tijoux to honor the dead, specifically those lost during the Pinochet dictatorship. The title, "Calaveritas," means "little skulls," and it's full of loving messages for those whose lives were lost. Recorded with Mexican musician Celso Piña, it's a blend of traditional, folk, and experimental sounds with a powerful message. "We all carry within us / one who died before us / who appears when night falls and the sun goes out," read some of the lyrics. It also includes a quote from a revolutionary named Pierre Dubois who opposed Pinochet during his regime: "It is not enough to say that justice takes time but it arrives. Justice that is not exercised when appropriate is already unfair."

Ana Tijoux - Calaveritas

4. Amor Eterno

This song was written in 1984 by Mexican singer Juan Gabriel and quickly became the most popular song for funerals in his native country. It's a rich, sad, and nostalgic piece, one that pays tribute to loves of old while acknowledging the pain of loss in the present. It's been covered magnificently by countless artists, but Silvana Estrada's version is incredibly moving in its delicacy and compassion.

Juan Gabriel - Amor Eterno (En Vivo [Desde el Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes])

This well-known song has a way of reappearing in times of need. After the shooting in El Paso, Texas this summer, the song became a staple at funerals and memorial services. "How I wish that you still lived that your precious eyes had never closed so that I could see them eternal love unforgettable," go the lyrics, which ensure that there's never a dry eye when this song is played.

5. Remember Me, Coco

This movie beautifully portrayed Día de los Muertos and was tied together by the gorgeous ballad "Remember Me." In the film, the song is capable of crossing the boundary between life and death, forming an everlasting bond that keeps memories alive and inspires new generations to continue old legacies. It perfectly captures the message of Día de los Muertos: Even after our loved ones say goodbye, they're kept alive by memories and in song, and that's something to celebrate.

Carlos Rivera - Recuérdame (De "Coco"/Versión de Carlos Rivera/Official Video)

Benjamin Bratt - Remember Me (Official Video From "Coco") [Ernesto de la Cruz]

Latinx heritage month, September 15th to October 15th, is a time to honor the contributions of Latinx Americans to the culture and history of the United States.

To celebrate, check out this list of the best movies and TV shows about the lives of Latinx individuals or starring Latinx individuals.

Coco (2017)

One of the most visually stunning animated movies ever made, Coco follows the story of a young boy named Miguel who wants desperately to be a famous musician despite his family's ban on music. Eventually, he finds himself in the land of the dead, where adventure and self-discovery ensue. It's a beautiful movie about familial ties, Mexican culture, and what it really means to idolize someone.

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Following the recent events surrounding Harvey Weinstein, a new sexual harasser is being ostracized from the fashion world: Terry Richardson. Richardson is a 52-year-old American fashion photographer that has been accused of sexual harassment and assault since 2009.

On Monday night, a report by The Telegraph stated that Conde Nast International has blacklisted Richardson in an email circulating the staffers. Conde Nast is an American mass media company that owns such publications as GQ, Vanity Fair and Vogue.

The email reportedly stated, "Condé Nast would like to no longer work with the photographer Terry Richardson" and is rumored to have been sent by James Woolhouse, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

Work that has already been commissioned by the photographer should be "killed or substituted with other material," thus completely blocking Richardson out of their publications.

Perhaps this move was responding to past allegations against Richardson, perhaps it was a good publicity stunt in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein debacle. However, it's important to remember everything Richardson has done in the past and why this is a good move, regardless of the motives.


Richardson's alleged sexual exploitation of his models started around this time. His intern Alex came forward of her mistreatment when Richardson published a photograph of her giving him oral sex from a trash can, wearing a tiara that read "Slut."


Model Sena Cech alleged that Richardson's assistant asked her to "grab his cock and twist it real hard."


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Along with these two women, a bunch of other models also came forward to Jezebel about their experiences with Richardson. Coco Rocha added to the extent of the allegations by stating that she'd never work with Richardson again.


The climax of these allegations occurred during this year — Sara Ziff and Alise Shoemaker both came out against Richardson. Reddit user amaheygirlhey posted a thread about the sexual acts Richardson manipulated her into doing. Emma J. Appleton posted a text thread where Richardson asked her for sex. A NYC based writer "Anna" claimed that Richardson assaulted her during an impromptu home shoot.

Despite all these allegations, fashion magazines still worked with him — up to 2017. With this Conde Nast International report, Richardson is on the chopping block right next to R. Kelly, Woody Allen, Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein and many more.

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coco twerking baby stroller

Coco is a twerkalicious cocolicious yummy scrummy supermom!

The ever-fabulous Ms. Austin may be a mom to a four-month-old daughter, but that doesn’t mean she can’t still get down and sexy with the best of them.

The 37-year-old combined the two, during a raunchy photoshoot for her lingerie range Cocolicious.

Twerk it like the best of 'em

Clad in a lacy red thong all-in-one and matching sky-high red heels, Coco twerked it like the best of them, incorporating her precious little girl into her routine.

Little Chanel Nicole sat smiling happily in her stroller as mom twerked and twirled her way round her, giggling and cooing to her adoring daughter.

Hip swinging wheelies

At one point, Coco pushed down on the handlebars to throw a few wheelies, as she swung her hips back and forth.

She ended her performance by making like a bird and pretending to fly around the buggy, much to the joy of little Chanel Nicole.

Coco posted the fun video on her Instagram yesterday, captioned:

Yes I like being silly, having a little fun on the set of my photoshoot #supermom #cocolicious

Sadly, the video has now been deleted, presumably because there’s a load of uptight people out there who took exception to Coco and her daughter having some harmless fun.

Probably the same kind of people who object to photos of mother’s breastfeeding their babies in public.

In which case—get a life. Seriously.

Baby twerking

On a side note, Pediatrician Robert Hamilton has come to the conclusion that “baby twerking” is the best way to calm a screaming baby.

The Dr. calls the maneuver “The Hold” and it involves crossing the baby's arms over its chest, cupping its chin with one hand, and twerking its little booty with your other hand.

Apparently, just a mere 2 seconds of twerking will silence even the most screaming of screaming babies.

And what harried parent would want that?!!

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Ice T And Coco’s Daughter Is Utterly ADORABLE—Coco’s Nipples? Not So Much

Coco Dishes On Sex With Ice-T (HINT: It Involves High Heels, Toys And Pain!)

Coco Rocks The Camel Toe!

coco twerking baby stroller

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coco twerking baby stroller

ice t coco baby daughter nipples

The ever fabulous Coco Austin gave birth to her first child over the weekend, and to say the baby is utterly adorable would be an understatement.

Coco, and husband Ice-T, welcomed a beautiful daughter into the world on Saturday—whom they named Chanel Nicole.

For those that care about the details—Chanel Nicole was 5.7 pounds and 18 inches long.

36 Photos That Prove Coco Is A Superhuman Goddess

And, as anyone who has ever watched Ice Loves Coco would have suspected, she’s already the amazing mother we all knew she would be…..sore nipples and all.

The proud new mom has posted photos of her beautiful little girl on social media—and, in true Coco style, she's also shared just a little TMI when it comes to the very intimate subject of her nipples….

Posting on Facebook:

Sorry for the silence but still in hospital after giving birth yesterday. I’ve had my hands full focusing on being the best mother I can be!

I’m so freaking in love. I’ve had an angel watch over me during my whole pregnancy & labor cuz it went beautiful every step of the way.

My dad calls me a breeder lol..Can I just say though….My nipples feel like they are gonna fall off they’re so raw from breastfeeding #NewMommyProblems

Oh & I think Chanel Nicole might be the youngest person to have a twitter page—not even a day old with 18,000 followers….& an Instagram with 72,000 followers…. and to think she just started those pages yesterday!

Coco Rocks The Camel Toe!

NOTE: At time of posting, on Twitter, BabyChanelWorld has racked up a total of 21.8K of followers, and on Instagram, BabyChanelNicole already has 108,000 followers.

Now, that’s what you call taking social media by storm..

Why Spartacus And Maximus Are Even Bigger Stars Than Ice-T And Coco

Congratulations to the proud new parents—we know you are going to be the very best mom ever Coco!

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coco austin baby bump

Coco Austin is now almost at full term in her pregnancy—on Thanksgiving she will be at 37 weeks.

That just leaves three more weeks for her to gain 60lbs, retain water like a camel in the desert and generally lose the will to live like Kim Kardashian.

Coco Dishes On Sex With Ice-T (HINT: It Involves High Heels, Toys And Pain!)

Despite appearing to sail through her pregnancy, Coco has had a lot of questions about her teeny tiny baby bump which she's sick of defending (and why should she have to). She and the baby are healthy and the model has been posting pics and updating her fans on the baby's progress .

Coco Rocks The Camel Toe!

Pregnancy hasn't stopped the sexy siren from showing off her two best assets—they are most certainly blooming, and her latest Instagram post shows off an outfit that we're sure every pregnant woman has in her maternity wardrobe. An animal print bra with matching yoga pants.

36 Photos That Prove Coco Is A Superhuman Goddess

She looks fantastic and along with hubby Ice T has never seemed happier. The couple got married in 2001 and revealed in August that they are expecting a girl who they plan to name Chanel Nicole.

She's certainly going to make one hot mamma!

coco austin baby bump

coco austin baby bump