Michelle Lhooq

If you ever wanted a window into an underground weed rave, an autonomous zone, or the intersections between Buddhism and MDMA therapy, Michelle Lhooq's journalism is for you.

Lhooq is a journalist who covers subcultures, drugs, raves, and everything in between. Her Substack newsletterRave New Worldis a raw, immersive window into modern counterculture in all its ecstasies and contradictions, and her book WEED: Everything You Want to Know But Are Always Too Stoned to Askis a modern classic.

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Crossroads Cafe is a podcast that explores the intersections of art, spirituality, and social change. This week, we interviewed activist and songwriter Hollis. Listen here:

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Ester Segretto

Jocelyn Mackenzie just released her debut LP, PUSH.

Earlier this winter, we had a wonderful conversation about the album and so much more, which you can listen to now on Crossroads Cafe.

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