Cynister Declares Independence in Their Latest Single "No Man"

The latest single from power-pop trio declares independence and liberation from "The Man."

Power-pop trio Cynister continues to bring their trademark assertive and dynamic sound on their latest single, "No Man."

The three-piece was formed in Los Angeles in 2018 by vocalist Cynnie Jane and two mysterious members who are never seen without their black and white masks. Their sound blends together elements of catchy pop melodies with the energy and darkness of heavy rock and the punch of trap.

The single begins with a blend of piano and synth beats rising subtly before Jane's smooth and profound vocals grab listeners' attention and pull them into the story of the song. As the beat's intensity builds, Jane sings, "Call it like I see it, baby best believe it If you think I need it, then you got it turned around." When the chorus breaks into its powerful guitar lines and entrancing beats, the singer confidently expresses that, despite the man's begging, she doesn't want to be in his life and that she "don't need no man."

"No Man" is a song that celebrates independence and liberation," says Jane. "In society, women are made to feel like they need a man to depend on, which is a ridiculous and outdated paradigm. The idea that we need anybody or anything but ourselves to be happy is such a toxic notion. "No Man" is about the moment you realize that self-sufficiency is something to rejoice in."

Get up and dance to Cynister's latest single "No Man" below!

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