Updated 12/19/2022

As the Megan Thee Stallion-Tory Lanez trial rages on, things have only gotten more...quizzical. Kelsey Harris took the stand only to plead the fifth...but tapes reveal that Harris explicitly said she saw Tory shoot Megan in the foot. And Megan's bodyguard is allegedly missing after being scheduled to take the stand on Megan's behalf the following day.

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Music Features

Is DaBaby His Own Worst Enemy?

With recent headlines surrounding the emcee, feels like DaBaby has finally done something he can't finagle his way out of.


By YES Market Media (Shutterstock)

DaBaby has been difficult to absorb lately.

The Charlottesville emcee was an exciting burst of caffeine right out of the gates. His energized flow, goofy sense of humor, and IDGAF rhetoric made him seem like a Roadrunner, always on the move and always outmaneuvering those who think they'd finally outsmarted him.

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Meg Thee Stallion has been on an unstoppable tear for months now, and on her debut single off Suga, she uses the opportunity to speak to the people, particularly the men, that have continued to agitate her as a budding superstar.

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DaBaby Charms on "Kirk," but He's Afraid to Get Serious

The rapper's sophomore album is DaBaby doing what he does best, being fun and hilarious.


Photo bBy YES Market Media (Shutterstock)

"Friends are like the autumn, every year they leavin," Charlottesville rapper DaBaby says on Post Malone's "Enemies," "and 'imma rake 'em in a pile, throw 'em in a bag, tie them b*tches, up and leave 'em."

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