Fashion Roundup: Best Outfits of the Season So Far

Fashion Week, Venice Film Festival, VMAs, oh my!

Olivia Rodrigo VMAs 2021

via MTV

Fall fashion so far? A feast.

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Nepo Baby Rant: Springsteen, Jenner, Hadid, and The Myth of the Self-Made Celebrity Child

Sure, they worked hard for everything they have … but they didn't only work hard to get it.

Nepo Baby Kendall Jenner


A globally familiar last name will represent Team USA at the Tokyo Olympics: Springsteen.

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Culture Feature

TikTok Home Decor Trends You Can Actually Pull Off

Can we all have Dakota Johnson's viral Hollywood home? No. But some TikTok trends can help us get close.

Dakota Johnson, her green kitchen, her limes

Back in the nascent stages of TikTok, when it was still almost exclusively teenagers dancing in their bedrooms in their parents' homes, TikTok "home decor" pretty much amounted to LED lights and posters barely a step up from the torn J-14 and Teen Beat pages of yore.

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