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Popdust Presents | Forget Your "Pain & Misery" with Josh Teskey of The Teskey Brothers

The Teskey Brothers Make Big Waves & Sign World Deal With Glassnote Records.

The frontman sits down for a chat, plays some album cuts and enjoys a beer or two.

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EXCLUSIVE | Jennifair & Paco Take Care Of You "After Work" this Valentine's Day!

Released Today! Jennifair adds a smooth flavor of nostalgia to put you in the mood for love

Who said R&B is dead?

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Queens-based emcee Paco the G Train Bandit dropped a new collaboration with singer/rapper Jennifair that will have you reminiscing about the sweet, electrifying beginnings of your favorite relationship. "After Work" is flirty, smooth, and Paco's flow is as sharp as ever. You are probably used to hearing Paco the G Train Bandit's rougher side, on tracks like "Don't Quit" and "That Cab Ride is a Bottle", or even spitting bars on Brent Butler's new posse cut, "13" (Popdust Exclusive Premiere). But he slows it down on this one, and the feature from Jennifair is every bit as soulful and sexy as you'd expect from one of the most talented up and coming artists in New York right now.

Paco has a new album coming this summer. The title is still unannounced, but all three singles that have been released for it so far are stellar. He has a knack for weaving personal stories and viewpoints into bars and flows that rival artists like Logic or Drake. Check out the standout track "Don't Quit" on Spotify or Soundcloud to see what I mean.

This will be Paco's second album, following up 2015's Headlights, and 2016's live album Live at Pianos where he plays a high energy show with the band Low Profile backing him up (you can find video of the whole show online too!).

For those who are uninitiated, Paco the G Train Bandit (originally from Michigan) has been active as an emcee in NYC for the past 8 years, as well as touring around the globe, even in unlikely places like Cambodia, Ireland, and Vietnam. He is an indie artist to the core, preferring to maintain his autonomy as an artist and build his own fan base through touring and infectious Internet content. Watch him FREESTYLE ON 99. 3 SYDNEY RADIO


Paco pulled many people on stage for this epic display of talent. Not only did they have a full live band for the show including, drums, bass, keys and guitar, but 2 rappers and vocalist on "Knock 'Em Out". The track features another talented rapper, Crimdella and Lauren Renahan. The guitarist, Greg Moore, had just come off touring with Rihanna. The track burns the house down to a sold out audience. See this crowd bounce. Get the chills. This was made into a live album available everywhere. All tracks played live at Pianos (NYC) on July 27th, 2016.

Paco the G Train Bandit & Low Profile
Lauren Renahan (Vocals)
Crimdella (Guest Emcee)
Stevie Kings (Drums)
Dan Victor (Bass)
Greg Moore (Guitar)
B-Sauce (Keys)

Follow Paco the G Train Bandit on Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube

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EXCLUSIVE | Listen "13" Rappers Spit Fire On Epic Posse Track Just Released Today

Listen to "13" -- Brent Butler, Deascent, Crimdella, Paco The G Train Bandit, J thegodis, DOMOSOCRAZY, Que Cee, Ratchet By Nature, Ohene Cornelius, Redddaz, Stonehenge Parnhashnakovsky & Sir Kn8

Posse cut records have long been revered in hip hop, and "13" proves that tradition is live and well.

February 13, 2018 New York City - You heard it here first!Brent Butler, a Jersey-raised rapper, producer, and guitarist just released a new track teasing his upcoming debut solo EP, L I L A C. Known for his eclectic combinations of musical genres (often paying homage to his punk roots, performing live instrumentations on his records and at shows, transitioning back and forth from rap to singing), it's a totally welcome surprise to hear him straight rap on his latest self-produced beat, and then turns the mic over to 12 (yes, 12!) indie rappers in this non-stop, whirlwind of a record.

So whose on the line up? In order of appearance: "13" features verses from Deascent, Crimdella, Paco The G Train Bandit, J thegodis, DOMOSOCRAZY, Que Cee, Ratchet By Nature (Sam Wise & Apples), Ohene Cornelius, Redddaz, Stonehenge Parnhashnakovsky, and Sir Kn8 (part of the duo Killin H8).

"The idea was to give a spotlight to my favorite artists in the local scene and just make a fun, crazy record before finishing up the EP," Brent tells Popdust. "I didn't actually know where it would stop. I made this mean ass beat, and didn't intend to use it for myself. I thought I'd probably give it to another artist. But it's so energizing and got me so pumped that I ended up forming a few bars, which - probably unconsciously - ended with a hand-off to Deascent."

In 2015 Brent and Bronx-bred rapper, Deascent, released a 7-track concept EP together called THE COLD PRESS, and began fronting a full live band by the same name in partnership with singer/songwriter and bassist, Dan Victor.

"I'm all about collaborations, so working on my first solo EP, L I L A C, may have had me a bit stir crazy in the studio. When Deascent heard the track and responded with his own 8 bars, I was like... okay let's go nuts... Next it was 4 rappers, then 8, then 11, and it kept going. It easily would have gone over 13, but we drew the line there decided to do a surprise release on the 13th... cuz you know, numbers."

"13," like many in the grand tradition of posse cuts, possesses enormous gravity and has such insane energy because each artist brings their own personalities and emotions to the song; each has their own reaction to the music and plays off what the artist before them performs. It's a giant conversation, which in the case of "13" ends up being wildly compelling . Lyrics range from the bombastic, braggadocios remarks you may expect from rap, to the political, philosophical, and straight up psychedelic.


Follow Brent Butler on -- IG: @brentbutlermusic | FB: brentbutlermusic

Order Of Appearance:

  1. Brent Butler
  2. Deascent
  3. Crimdella
  4. Paco The G Train Bandit
  5. J thegodis
  7. Que Cee
  8. Sam Wise (Ratchet By Nature)
  9. Apples (Ratchet By Nature)
  10. Ohene Cornelius
  11. Redddaz
  12. Stonehenge Parnhashnakovsky
  13. Sir Kn8

Tell us what you think of the record and check out all 13 of the artists, each of whom have impressive, independently released catalogues and upcoming projects. And look out for Brent Butler's full EP L I L A C, due this spring!

Team work makes the dream work. - Popdust

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