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Can We All Just Pretend Daniel Radcliffe Wrote "Harry Potter?"

Harry Potter himself has a message for certified TERF J.K. Rowling: "Transgender women are women."

The Harry Potter franchise might've made some well-rounded points about race and government, but author J.K. Rowling's views are known to be horrifically outdated when it comes to the transgender community.

By now, Potterheads who spend a lot of time on Twitter know that Rowling can be classified as a TERF: a trans-exclusionary radical feminist. She's proudly publicized her absolutist view of sex, which coming from her especially, is a colossal embarassment; if you can hypothesize a world where goblins, merpeople, house elves, and animagi exist, why is a transgender person such a difficult concept to grasp?

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Why Should Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Apologize for Their Plantation Wedding?

America's tendency to romanticize antebellum plantations is at odds with efforts to reckon with our dark past.

Warning: This article contains graphic depictions and descriptions of the horrors of chattel slavery in America.

Planning a wedding is among the most stressful things you can do.

Basically everyone you know will be there, judging your choices of clothing, hair, decor, food, music...napkin rings. Okay, so maybe most wedding guests aren't actually scathing critics looking for your every misstep, but for a day that's supposed to be one of the happiest in your life, there's a hell of a lot of pressure to get things right.

Now imagine that you found the perfect venue—charming and rustic, with beautiful views, and plenty of room for all your guests. Does it even matter what that venue is called? What difference does it make if that perfect spot is called Stinkpile Manor, or Festering Wound Estate, or Boone Hall Plantation…

Boone Hall Plantation

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Watch Daniel Radcliffe Read the First Chapter of "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone"

Allow the Boy Who Lived himself to deter your isolation woes.

Sure, life is looking a little grim right now, but at least you aren't an orphan living in a cupboard under the stairs with your neglectful uncle and aunt.

Sometimes, it's helpful to place yourself in the world of an unfortunate kid wizard to feel grateful about the things you have in your life. Even better: What if the actor who grew up representing that kid wizard retold the stories of that world to you?

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