Did an SNL Sketch Predict David Dobrik's Latest Scandal?

The recent SNL sketch "Viral Apology Video" starring Kyle Mooney and Daniel Kaluuya pretty much sums up the drama between David Dobrik and Jeff Wittek

By DFree // Shutterstock

By DFree // Shutterstock

A few weeks ago, SNL did a sketch called "Viral Apology Video" starring Kyle Mooney and Daniel Kaluuya. The skit is a montage of fake YouTube vlog clips referencing the now all too recognizable sequence that all social media drama follows.

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"Durte Dom," Former Member of David Dobrik's Vlog Squad, Has Been Accused of Sexual Assault

A woman under the pseudonym Hannah alleges Internet personality Dom Zeglaitis forced her into having sex with him while she was too drunk to consent, during a bit filmed for David Dobrik's channel.

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Content warning: This article contains mentions of rape.

A young woman has accused Dom Zeglaitis, the Internet personality known for his appearances in YouTuber David Dobrik's massively popular vlogs, of rape.

Insider reports that the woman, under the pseudonym Hannah, joined her friends in November 2018 to record a video with the Vlog Squad — Dobrik's group of friends who have somewhat become reality stars in their own right. Hannah alleges that before meeting Dobrik and Zeglaitis, the latter had told Hannah's friends he was interested in "hooking up" with them. Zeglaitis had often been portrayed as a womanizer and sex addict in Dobrik's vlogs.

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How David Dobrik Became the Least-Hateable YouTube Sensation

His home might be more fit for someone ten years younger, but Dobrik is doing more good than the country's administration.

I've come to the conclusion that very famous YouTubers are their own breed of human.

I'm old enough to vividly remember when FRED became the first YouTube channel to reach 1 million subscribers; since that milestone over a decade ago, it's estimated that 16,000 channels have reached the million mark. One of them is David Dobrik.

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