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All the Best Memes and Photos of Debby Ryan and Josh Dun's Secret Wedding

Disney Channel's Debby Ryan and Josh Dun secretly wed this winter, and fans are just finding out.

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Debby Ryan has been experiencing something of a renaissance over the past few months.

Fans have become obsessed with Ryan's facial expressions from a 2012 Disney Channel movie called Radio Rebel, along with some of her older acting choices, and they've gone viral online, particularly on TikTok.

Ryan's awkward physical movements and cutesy facial expressions hit just the right balance of uncomfortable and flirtatious, and the Internet is now obsessed with imitating them.

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YG Says What We're All Thinking with "F*ck The Police"

The song is loud and braggadocios, and as police assault innocent protestors across the country, YG once again says what's exactly on our mind.

As protests swell across the country demanding an end to police brutality and justice for the murder of George Floyd, YG once again releases a protest song in line with the current political climate.

YG - FTP (Official Audio)

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