We get our clothes online and our food delivered to our door, so why shouldn't our healthcare be just as convenient?

While you can't receive every type of healthcare online (how great would that be though) you can save yourself time and a whole lot of hassle by getting your birth control prescribed without ever having to leave your couch!

Nurx is changing the women's healthcare game by remotely providing contraceptives, HPV screenings, at-home STD tests, and more. The whole process is done online- it's safe, quick, and super convenient.

We know the struggle is real, ladies! Nurx's birth control service is a game-changer. You're probably used to the traditional method of going to get your prescription in person, so we're here to answer all your questions about Nurx.

How does the process work?

It couldn't be easier! First, you fill out your medical history. You can let them know what type of birth control you want, and if you're not sure, you'll get advice from one of Nurx's medical professionals.

Then, you let them know a little about your insurance info (but insurance is not required). After that, a provider in your state will review your request and write you a prescription that fits your needs. Typically, you will get a response in 24-48 hours.

Who prescribes the medication?

The Nurx team consists of experienced medical professionals including doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. This team is dedicated to providing healthcare safely to the masses, and believe that everyone deserves access to personalized, non-judgmental healthcare. Communication is at the forefront of Nurx business, and their team is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Do they accept insurance?

You bet! They accept most forms of private health insurance for medications.

How much does it cost?

There's a flat consult fee of $15. How much your prescription costs will depend on your insurance coverage, but it can be as low as $0.

Even if you don't have insurance- don't worry! It's still super affordable. Nurx is committed to providing the most affordable healthcare to as many people as possible, and the average cost for someone without insurance can be as low as $15.

What kind of birth control do they offer?

The pill, the patch, the shot, and the ring. Nurx gets that medication like birth control can be extremely personal. Whether you're on it for contraception, to alleviate cramps, or to help clear up your skin, the Nurx team will find the perfect option for you. They offer more than 100 generic and name brand options, so if you've already been on a brand you like, you can request to have that prescribed to you.

How long is my prescription for?

Once your prescription has been approved, it will ship free, in discreet packaging, every 3 months.

Why would I change from the traditional way I get birth control?

You're not side-stepping a doctor, just the process of having to physically go to the doctor. Nurx is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to save themselves the time and effort of going to an in-person appointment. The level of care and expertise Nurx offers their patients is on par with that of a traditional method, with the added bonus of convenience.

You have a right to accessible healthcare, and Nurx is making it easier and more affordable than ever before. No more hours spent at the doctor's office or waiting in long lines at the pharmacy. Take control of your health today with Nurx.

Update: Pay just $15 for your online medical consultation and get unlimited access to providers for a year for follow-up questions and advice. Follow this link to get started with a quick questionnaire.


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In vino veritas – Latin, for, “In wine, there is truth." And truth be told, whether we're eating a stinky chunk of cheese, a piping-hot dish of spaghetti carbonara, or in most cases, whatever's in the fridge, we want a decent glass (or plastic cup) of wine to go with it. We're not wine snobs, but we want a decent glass to share with friends. Here's another bit of truth: It's nice to learn at least a little bit about which wines pair best with our favorite foods. Wouldn't it make you feel better to have even just a little more knowledge about wine? Okay, but where to start? That's where Tasting Room comes in.

Too many trips to the liquor store, and you're going to start to seem a little Charlie Sheen-ish. That's why wine clubs or subscription services have become such a great option. While there are a bunch of options online, there's no question as to which is my favorite. Raise a glass to Tasting Room by Lot18.

Founded in 2013, Tasting Roomstands out from the pack – first and foremost because it isn't a “club" as all the others are. Tasting Room is a personalized service catered to your specific preferences, and you actually get to taste wine to help you decide which grape varieties, styles and regions you like. No other online service lets you taste first. While other clubs send you the wines they think you'll want, only Tasting Room goes the extra mile to learn – and send you – wines you'll love. It's basically like Netflix for wine.

To get started, they send you 6 mini bottles and you go online to rate them. After that, Tasting Room sends you bottles they've selected for you based on what you like. You can further customize by choosing the number of bottles you receive, select all reds, all whites, or a mix of both. It's under $10 to join, and you can cancel at any time (though why you would is a mystery to us). Not only will you get to taste delicious wines from some of the world's greatest producers, you'll become more educated and less intimidated about wine. I'll drink to that!

There are some other wine clubs out there that are certainly quaffable and deserve attention. What they don't offer, however, are such attractive price points, the flexibility, customization or other perks I love from Tasting Room.

WSJ Wine Club offers two basic plans: their Discovery Club at $149.99 for 12 wines, or their Premier Club at $239 for a case of tiny-production releases. There seems to be only one shipping option of 12 bottles delivered quarterly. With WSJ Wine Club, you can select the varieties and regions you want to receive. You can cancel at any time. They get great reviews, but one common complaint is their $19.99 shipping charge not mentioned in the club package prices. Wall Street…can't be too surprised about the devilish detail buried in the fine print, can you?

New York Times Wine Club offers the impressive perk of a selection team comprising wine pros and even a Master of Wine. They do the choosing, so you cannot taste and select. Like Tasting Room, if you do not care for a bottle, they will send you a replacement. You can join their Times Sampler Club at $90 per 6-bottle shipment or their Reserve Wine Club, which costs $180 per 6-bottle shipment. You can choose the frequency of shipments – either every month, every 2 months, or quarterly. Hopefully you like red wine, since there is no option for an all-white wine subscription.

Gold Medal Wine Club offers 6 packages or “series," as they call them, the cheapest starting at $37 – quite reasonable. All the wines must meet the criteria of having won medals from competitions and accolades from critics. Gold Medal has been around since 1992, so the club is “well aged," so to speak. Gold Medal offers month-to-month memberships, which is nice for those who want to play things by ear. Cons? The site is tough to navigate, and they only offer California wines, so you won't get much variety. Also, a dirty secret of the wine industry is that if a wine doesn't win a medal in one competition, just submit it to another. There are dozens of competitions, and eventually a poor-quality wine might get lucky...and find its way into your club shipment.

Ready to relax with a nice glass of Cabernet, Chardonnay or perhaps a rosé? Now you can let Tasting Room take care of it for you.

Update: The awesome folks at Tasting Room are extending a special discount for our readers. Follow this link to get your wine tasting kit for $6.95 (originally $9.95)!