Singer-songwriter and actor Jesse McCartney recently released a new music video, called "Wasted."

"Wasted" is McCartney's first new music since 2014's In Technicolor, setting the stage for McCartney's 2019 tour.

McCartney initially gained recognition on All My Children, playing the role of J.R. Chandler. In 1999, he joined the boy-band Dream Street, where he remained until he decided to go solo, releasing his debut album Beautiful Soul, followed by an EP, Beautiful Soul.

Jesse McCartney - Wasted (Official Video)

Over the course of his career, McCartney has sold more than 2.5 million albums and eight million singles and has appeared in shows like Law & Order: SVU, Summerland, Greek, and Hannah Montana. He also voiced Robin in Young Justice, and Theodore in a series of Alvin and the Chipmunk movies.

"Wasted" opens on velvety pop-flavored synths with taut vocal effects and streaming sonic accents. The rhythm is infectious and tight, while McCartney's sonorous voice oscillates between chesty belts and airy falsettos.

The lyrics project McCartney's annoyance with his lover, who only wants him on her terms.

"You like to call me when you're high / End of the party, I'm your guy / Thing is I do this every night / And I don't wanna come off impatient / But you only call when you're / You only call when you're wasted.

The video, directed by Jason Lester, is a grand spoof on soap operas, with McCartney posturing in kitschy outfits while surrounded by material goods and the outlandish female stereotypes occupying daytime dramas.

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Residing squarely in the third tier of the turn-of-the-century boy band craze was Dream Street, the young-teen group behind minor hits like "It Happens Every Time" and "I Say Yeah," most famous today for having spun off the solo career of Jesse McCartney, who would go on to greater success with top 20 hits "Beautiful Soul" and "Leavin." One of those members left behind after the group's dissolution was young Broadway vet Chris Trousdale, most familiar to us here at Popdust for having one of the 32 best boy band hairdos (though he was destined to lose to eventual winner G-Dragon of Big Bang).

Well, we heard from Trousdale for the first time in a while last night on The Voice, where the ex-Dreamer showed up as a contestant. The now 27-year-old Chris says he's currently working as a waiter in a sushi restaurant ("What are you doing here?" he says patrons ask him, "You were my idol, I had you on my bedroom wall"), but aspires to return to the music industry, and looked for the quartet of voice coaches to give him a way back in.

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