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Getting To Know Caroline Jones

Her new album, Homesite, touring with Jimmy Buffett, and more

Caroline Jones has already had a career that any music-lover would be envious of- a mentee of music titans Zac Brown Band and the late, great Jimmy Buffett...she has toured with mega-names in the industry like The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, and Carrie Underwood, and now performs alongside Zac Brown Band as a member.

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Jerritt Clark/Courtesy of Amazon Music

By Jordan Edwards

Last night in Los Angeles, Ed Sheeran kicked off the new season of Amazon Music Live, and we were there to see it. The superstar played a mix of hits and new tracks from his upcoming album Autumn Variations. While a full band accompanied him throughout the night, much of the show featured the singer-songwriter alone on stage.

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Music Features

Maisie Peters Releases New Single, Announces Headlining Tour

Watch her episode of '5 Tracks That Inspired Me' below

Interview and Photos by Jordan Edwards

Maisie Peters released the single "Lost The Breakup" today. The driving, '80s-inspired track is the second single from her upcoming sophomore album The Good Witch. It follows "Body Better," which arrived in January.

In addition to the new song, Peters announced a headlining North American tour that kicks off Aug. 7 in Minneapolis and ends Oct. 11 in Boston.

Since releasing her debut single "Place We Were Made" in 2017, the English singer-songwriter has grown a devoted following around the world. Along the way, she's landed a song on the soundtrack to the film Birds of Prey and scored a string of hits in the UK. She's also become friends with Ed Sheeran. Not only has Peters toured with the superstar, she's signed to his label, Gingerbread Man Records.

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Culture Feature

People Who Want Joe Jonas's Disembodied Hand Should Be Put on a List

Who would want this, and why is Expedia giving away 250 of them?

Have you ever loved a celebrity so much that you wanted their autograph?

Okay, that's pretty normal stuff. What about a lock of hair? An item of clothing? A severed hand?

We are now officially in serial killer territory, and for some reason Expedia and Joe Jonas are condoning it with their "Helping Hand" giveaway. The travel company teamed up with the "Cake by the Ocean" singer to offer 250 lucky "fans" — in this case referring to the original meaning of "fanatics," e.g. uncomfortably obsessive people — a molded replica of Jonas's right hand.

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London, United Kingdom - June 18, 2019: Ed Sheeran attend the UK premiere of 'Yesterday' at the Odeon Luxe, Leicester Square in London, England.

St. Paddys Day is usually a sh*t show here in the States.

Every year ignorant frat boys and sorority sisters take to the streets to consume asinine amounts of alcohol for no logical reason other than because it's what's supposed to happen. When asked why they are celebrating, many will stare at you, crosseyed, and drunkenly fumble the phrase: "Because it's St. Paddy's Day!," before toppling over. In actuality, St. Paddy's is a religious holiday, meant to honor the life and death of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Without even realizing it, Americans have ruined the holiday, their drunken antics perpetuating hurtful stereotypes about the Irish people in the process. The Irish unsurprisingly resent the American St. Patricks Day celebration as a result.

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