Joe Biden Won the Election by Fewer than 50,000 Votes

Our broken electoral system makes the endless stress and confusion of razor-thin margins inevitable. But we can fix it.

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The panic that enveloped the world on November 3, 2020 already feels like a bad dream.

Despite the best efforts of Bernie Sanders and others to prepare us for the inevitable chaos, the partisan divide between mail-in and in-person voting had the predictable effect last Tuesday.

As the in-person votes accumulated in several key states where mail-in totals were always going to be delayed, the sense that Donald Trump was outperforming expectations—and was likely to secure reelection—was pervasive.

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Culture Feature

If Wikipedia Were Honest: American "Democracy"

The shining light of American democracy—a beacon for the world—is actually a smoldering dumpster fire

The roots of America's democracy problem

American "Democracy."

Americans do not live in a democracy.

Right-wing pricks will tell you that's a good thing. They will say that America's founding father's—in their immense wisdom—established the United States as a Republic, not a democracy, specifically to avoid the danger of the unruly masses inflicting their tyrannical will on out-groups and minority populations.

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Don't Let Kanye West on the Ballot in Wisconsin—14 Seconds Late Is Still Late

Thanks to the arcane nonsense of the Electoral College, Kanye West could swing the whole election in states like Wisconsin.

Kanye West attends the Manus x Machina Fashion in an Age of Technology Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Ovidiu Hrubaru/Shutterstock

Kanye West isn't running for president, he's "walking for president."

Those are his own words in response to a question about whether he was trying to hurt the Biden Harris campaign's chances and thus help Donald Trump secure reelection. Some have taken that phrasing as a confirmation that Kanye is running as an intentional "spoiler" candidate.

Another possibility is that Kanye is being encouraged to campaign by various people who don't care about his mental health—who want to use him for Donald Trump's benefit. He could be going with the flow and "walking for president" while Republican political operatives lead him where they want him to go. Maybe Kanye never took off his MAGA hat after all...

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Sean Spicer Is Basically RoboCop

Sean Spicer's character arc on Dancing With the Stars is ripped straight from RoboCop.

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