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Jamie xx Shares New Track "Idontknow"

The producer has released his first new music since 2015's In Colour.

Laura Coulson

It's been five years since In Colour, the record that serves as an exhibition for the illustrious production skills of Jamie Smith—best known as Jamie xx.

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Stop Putting Jared Leto in Movies

Morbius is going to suck.


There's a big problem with the trailer for Morbius, Sony's upcoming Marvel outing that is definitely not part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe even though it has Michael Keaton reprising his role as Vulture (please let us keep our license, Disney!).

See if you can spot it.

MORBIUS - Teaser Trailer

If you answered, "Sampling Beethoven's 'Für Elise' to line up with blue-tinted action shots is the absolute lowest effort, brain-dead attempt to signify 'gothic vampire movie' in the entire history of movie trailers," you're correct, but that's still not the biggest problem with Morbius. No, the biggest problem is that Morbius is played by Jared Leto.

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Futuristic Polar Bears

Press Photo

British duo Futuristic Polar Bears introduces a melodic house treasure, "Better Than This," featuring vocals from Franky.

Following their prior releases "I Can't Do It" and "You & Me," Rhys and Fran create a swanky house vibe with a thumping bassline. Franky's glossy tones inject the track with the carefree energy that earned Futuristic Polar Bears performances at the world's hottest clubs: Octagon in Seoul, Zouk Singapore, and Ibiza's UshuaÏa, along with Ministry of Sound, Amnesia, Marquee, Myst, among other top venues.

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