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Elliot Taylor Releases 'New York Will Be Too Empty'

Powerful music graced by a deliciously rasping voice.

Photo Courtesy of Elliot Taylor

Meet Elliot Taylor, a Geordie from Newcastle, England.

Geordie is the tag bestowed upon people from the Tyneside region of North East England and the Old English dialect spoken by its residents. Currently living in Brooklyn, Taylor's soulful voice — a dazzling confection of honeyed tones and rasping timbres — combines the best of Sam Smith and Ray Lamontagne.

He dropped his debut EP, Live from Hell's Kitchen, at the beginning of June 2018, and went on to tour North America with the Pierce Brothers. A raw, beguiling collection of 6-tracks, the EP dispenses tantalizing colors and vibrant energy, inviting listeners on a mesmerizing journey. Taylor's vocal range and nuanced, suggestive intimacy, provide listeners with the luxury of emotional catharsis. Its truly a voice that must be heard to be believed.

New York Will Be Too Empty

"New York Will Be Too Empty" opens with a thumping groove and Taylor's a cappella voice backed by soft vocal harmonies. An acoustic guitar enters, flavored with low-level buoyant energy that ramps up as Taylor's scrumptiously grating tones swell with surging hues. A field of unrestrained passion and sonic pressure emanate from evolving layers of sound.

The lyrics, powerful and mesmeric, relate an emotional commitment that cannot be disrupted. As superb as the lyrics are, it's Taylor's poignant delivery that truly captivates and bewitches the listener.

"Even if you're gone / Just the length of this one song / New York will be too empty / Come home / New York will be too empty / Come home / All the noise and all the people / Somehow I still feel alone / Not enough light can shine on the skyline tonight / New York will be empty / Come home / I'm gonna hold on tight to you."

"New York Will Be Too Empty" goes beyond grand and enters the domain of ineffably splendid. Elliot Taylor's voice and songwriting is exceptional, and you should expect to hear more from this young songwriter soon.

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Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.

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