David Cook is a proven champion.

On his new EP, The Looking Glass, the American Idol winner offers us a window into the private world and public ambitions of someone whose greatest competitor has always been himself.

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Ryan Montbleau releases new EP "Wood"

Ryan Montbleau is recognized for being a mesmerizing folk singer with an organic, gritty sound.

Now, he has released the first of four upcoming EPs. Entitled Wood, this four-song body of work features striking acoustic tracks layered with gentle grace and bold heart. The reflective offering explores topics such as perfectionism, the expectations placed upon men and women, and finding appreciation in the little things.

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Lil Nas X Won't Leave You Alone in the New "Panini" Video

It's the hitmaker's latest video, and it marks his official metamorphosis from cowboy to robot.

Lil Nas X

Photo by Image Press Agency (Shutterstock)

Lil Nas X has officially hacked the system.

The official video for "Panini" just dropped, and it's an ultra-futuristic, Blade Runner-inspired montage of neon lights and dancing holograms.

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Music Features

Exclusive: Lost Kings Release "Anti-Everything" feat | Loren Gray Music Video

The rising EDM duo's hard work has earned them collaborations with supreme acts. Watch the latest here.

Loren Gray

Photo by Chelsea Lauren (Shutterstock)

The Los Angeles-based duo Lost Kings teamed up with musical.ly/YouTube sensation Loren Gray to record the pop track "Anti-Everything."

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Kyan Palmer Drops Debut EP "Burn Mona Lisa"

The rising pop singer-songwriter's debut single had over 3 million Spotify streams

Kyan Palmer's anticipated 10-song EP "Burn Mona Lisa" is now available to stream.

The unusually lengthy EP brings together some of Palmer's past successful releases along with two new additions. Palmer's sensuous voice guides the listener across melodies both expansive and passionate.

The first track is "Burn Mona Lisa," the 2017 viral song that brought Palmer into the spotlight while he was still working reception in the Universal Music Group building. New cuts on the record include "Pretend That You Love Me" and "Nothing But Ghosts," and past releases "Make it Up" and "Hidden Feelings" are also featured. A revamped hip-hop version of the title track featuring emerging NYC rapper Yuri Joness (Columbia Records) rounds out this brooding and sultry track list.

You can buy "Burn Mona Lisa" on iTunesand stream the EP on Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud.

Joshua Smalley is a New York-based writer, editor, and playwright. Find Josh at his website and on Twitter: @smalleywrites.

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Premiere | Posh Hammer Get Down Tonight With a Double-Dose of Glittering Visuals

The Electro-Pop Duo to Release New EP, Dancing in Place, October 19.

Sandlin Gaithe

A new duo eyes what lies just below the surface.

There's a tendency these days to forget celebrities are human beings, too. The pressure to share every mundane detail of their lives on social media must be terribly overwhelming. But even within a well-intended framework of connecting and reaching fans all over the world, they sacrifice a little bit of themselves in the process, which only further serves to diminish the humanity crying out and gasping for oxygen. Electro-pop duo Posh Hammer ⎯⎯ made up of siblings Navied and Tasnim ⎯⎯ pull open the shades of a pair of celebrities, who fall in love but are tasked with navigating the tumultuous waters of cultural status and burgeoning romance.

Posh Hammer's new EP, Dancing in Place, out Oct. 19, spoons together the classic smattering of synths of the '80s with a rose-cheeked hopefulness of today's youth. They are certainly wise beyond their years, and the level of care they exude on the record in style, delivery, and wisdom is magnetizing and sweet.

Today, Popdust is humbled beyond words to premiere the first two visuals to the EP. In a post-Beyoncé world, extending the song's life into the visual medium is a necessary task, and Tasnim and Navied rise to the occasion. The first two sequences illustrate the full extent of their talent through playful, exuberant angles, dashed with bright club hues and a liberating presence. Appropriately, the Asheville pair mine from the work of famed Italian director named Michelangelo Antonioni, most known for his landmark '60s trilogy of films (L'Avventura, La Notte and L'Eclisse), and bring a sense of foreboding and isolation into the 21st Century.

"An Introduction," delivered in delightful vocoder charm, whets the appetite right from the start. "Two people meet at a party and find they instantly have a connection," the band tells us of the first clip. "They spend one night together wondering around the city and falling for each other." Onscreen, their chemistry is instantly sparked; their gaze might melt your heart like butter on the sidewalk. And the musical ambition is constructed in a way to be as nostalgic as it is inherently modern.

Watch the sweeping and altogether adorable "An Introduction" clip:

Moments later, their love pops in untamed bursts of quirky dance moves, fits of giggles and shadowy neon color palettes. The video "picks up immediately where 'An Introduction' ends and blurs the line between reality and fantasy and explores what could have been," the duo explains. "The solo section in the song was one of the most challenging parts to get right."

Continuing, they detail the musical composition, "Originally, we had a dueling guitar and saxophone part, but it was feeling boring and low energy. When we came back to it, we decided to consult Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt's Oblique Strategy Cards. This led us to running the saxophone through several weird effects in my guitar rig and blending that with a synth lead, ebow guitars and an out of tune Mellotron patch."

Watch the pink-hued "After We Dance" extravaganza:

The EP's thread lines reach a frayed state-of-mind. With "To Kill Time," the characters struggle to understand social media and ominous grasp over their personal lives. "If you had treated me badly, it would have been harder to fall," Tasnim observes, reflective-tape of production rolling away from her ghostly vocal. And "It Once Was Summer," sketched in the murky light of dusk, akin to the era of film-noir, slips at a languid pace. Tasnim's voice, however, remains robust and unstuck by the past.

Peep the Dancing in Place EP track list below:

1. "An Introduction"

2. "After We Dance"

3. "To Kill Time"

4. "It Once Was Summer"

5. "Leave Me Here Tonight"

Sandlin Gaithe

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Jason Scott is a freelance music journalist with bylines in B-Sides & Badlands, Billboard, PopCrush, Ladygunn, Greatist, AXS, Uproxx, Paste and many others. Follow him on Twitter.

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