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The Tragic Story of Fahim Saleh—The Young Tech CEO Found Dismembered in His NYC Apartment

On Tuesday the co-founder of two ride-sharing companies was found brutally murdered in his luxury Lower East Side apartment.

Update 7/17/2020: Fahim Saleh's former personal assistant has been arrested in connection with Saleh's murder.

21-year-old Tyrese Devon Haspil had previously worked as chief of staff at Saleh's venture capital firm Adventure Capital, and served the function of Saleh's personal assistant. During that time Haspil allegedly stole tens of thousnads of dollars from Saleh, but when Saleh discovered the theft he chose to make an arrangement for Haspil to repay the stolen money in installments, rather than file a police report.

That act of mercy may sadly have led Haspil to a much more heinous crime. Perhaps the young man was struggling to make his payments, or otherwise soured on the arrangement and Saleh himself. Whatever the motivation, Haspil seemingly went with Saleh to the CEO's luxury apartment prepared to take violent action.

NYPD Announces Arrest In Killing, Dismemberment Of Fahim Saleh

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