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All the Easter Eggs in Taylor Swift's "The Man" Music Video

Swift transforms into the most manly of men for her new self-directed video.

Throughout her many years spent in the public eye, Taylor Swift has faced unimaginable scrutiny over both her professional and personal lives.

But the 30-year-old pop star is still chugging along, having released her seventh studio album, Lover, last year to generally favorable reviews. On one of the record's highlights, "The Man," Swift ponders how she might be perceived and spoken about if she were a man. To help bring that vision to life, she was made over into Tyler Swift—yes, that's really her in prosthetics—to play a macho, manspreading dude in the new music video for "The Man," which she directed herself.

Swift is a known fan of subtle references in her material, and "The Man" comes full with a basket of Easter eggs. Here are just a few that we caught—knowing her, there are likely many more hidden in there.

Taylor of Wall Street

In the second verse, Swift sings: "I'd be just like Leo in St. Tropez." From commanding an office to being surrounded by scantily clad women on a boat, the music video draws a few visual parallels to The Wolf of Wall Street, in which Leonardo DiCaprio starred as infamous stockbroker Jordan Belfort.

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How TV's "Good Cops" Promote Dangerous Narratives About Real-Life Police

Shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine make cops seem harmless, an illusion tainted with centuries of racism.

Two summers ago, during one of the darkest periods in my personal life, I found solace in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a sitcom that stars Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta, an NYPD detective with an impressive track record of solved cases despite his goofy, unsophisticated demeanor. Since its premiere in 2013, the show has been commended for its representation of LGBTQ+ and BIPOC people; the recurring cast includes two very smart (and never overtly sexualized) Latina women, as well as two Black men in the precinct's top roles. In 2018, the show received a GLAAD Media Award for its depiction of queer characters. Throughout its seven seasons, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has addressed serious issues like workplace sexual harassment, reconciling with an absent parent, and coming out to disapproving family members, all while retaining a sharp, tasteful sense of silly humor. Rotten Tomatoes has given multiple seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine a perfect 100% rating, likening it to "comfort food."

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Taylor Swift has a way of capturing our deepest and darkest insecurities in her songs. It's like she knows what we are thinking every minute of every day. She digs into her personal life to deliver wholly honest and raw material, something that not many superstars do these days. She's set herself apart as someone to look up to, to reveal all our secrets to without judgement. She's our best friend, even if she doesn't know it. From her stirring debut single "Tim McGraw" to her most recent radio hit "Red," she is the mouthpiece for this generation.

Since hitting the music scene with her self-titled debut in 2006, she has blazed a trail to megastardom--calling out the men for doing her wrong with unabashed confidence and poise. Sure, she might get a little to much flack for her personal dating life, but that's part of her charm. She's just like us, at her core--an individual trying to find her place in this world. Along the way, she has given us some remarkably poignant tunes, most of which are not even the singles she's released. Whether you consider her pop or country or a hybrid of both doesn't matter, her music speaks for itself.

With the recent news that Swift's forthcoming album could be her best yet, I admit that I squealed inside--er, in my bedroom, that is. Could Fearless, Speak Now and Red really have only been setting the stage for for what comes next? The possibilities are limitless, I say. With that, I thought it was time to do a Top 10 all-time favorite Swift's list: one of those things to pass the time, so to speak. As we look forward, we must always look back.


10. "A Place In This World"


9. "The Lucky One"


8. "Cold As You"


7. "Tied Together With A Smile"


6. "The Way I Loved You"


5. "Back To December"


4. "Love Story"


3. "All Too Well"


2. "Mean"


1. "Enchanted"


Honorable Mentions

"Safe & Sound" / "Fearless" / "Invisible" / "Starlight" / "Ronan"


Swifties, we turn it over to you: What are YOUR Top 10 Swift songs? Sound off in the comments!