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Barbenheimer Begins: The Battle of 'Barbie' v 'Oppenheimer'

What to expect from summers most explosive double feature — and what order to watch it in

Barbie and Oppenheimer double feature

via Warner Brothers and Universal

For months on end, the internet has been joking about summer's most unexpected double feature: Oppenheimer vs Barbie. Well, July 21st is finally here. And, as writers who are chronically online and always down to do something for the bit, of course, we grabbed our comfies and our blankets and spent 5 hours in the cinema on the opening day for what’s been dubbed ... Barbenheimer.

Barbie and Oppenheimer may not seem like they have much in common, but after watching both in quick succession, turns out, they do.

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Movies to Watch this Summer — In Theatres

The momentum for moviegoing is back

Joyride Movie

via Lionsgate

Remember the era of summer blockbusters? Every weekend of the summer, families, friend groups, budding romances, and solo cinema lovers alike would pack into their local theatres to watch the latest, hottest summer film.

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‘Eric LaRue’ Review: After Soaring in Succession, Skarsgard Transforms in ‘Eric LaRue’

Judy Greer and Alexander Skarsgård star as parents trying to make sense of tragedy in Michael Shannon's directorial debut

Judy Greer in Eric LaRue

via Falco Ink

There's a lot to be said about Eric LaRue. It’s Michael Shannon’s directorial debut. It’s a meditative adaptation of Brett Neveu’s 2002 play. And it stars Judy Greer, Alison Pill, Tracy Letts, Paul Sparks, and a just about unrecognizable Alexander Skarsgård. The latter is what the film will undoubtedly be remembered for, but let’s start from the top.

Eric LaRue premiered on June 10th at Tribeca Film Festival. This highly anticipated drama is a fresh perspective on a timely and important topic: gun violence. The film follows two parents (Greer and Skarsgård) whose son commits a school shooting. After murdering three of his high school peers, the title character Eric LaRue is sent to prison. In the aftermath, his parents struggle to repair and adjust to life without their son and as pariahs in their cookie-cutter suburban town.

The film poses a number of questions. Whose to “blame” when such a shocking tragedy occurs? Who takes responsibility? How does a community heal? And what is our responsibility to ourselves?

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The Ultimate Pride Month Streaming Guide: Best Queer Titles to Watch This June

From documentaries to movies, to television shows, queer cinema demonstrates the richness and multiplicity of the queer experience.

It’s Pride Month, so companies will trick out their websites with rainbow flags and conjure extravagant floats for Pride parades across the country. Then come July . . . they’ll return to the dull old days. The commercialization of Pride month was inevitable, but it’s still disheartening.

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Cancel Your Netflix Subscription!

There’s nothing on Netflix anymore. The best-of-the-best titles stream on Hulu — from Selena Gomez’s 'Only Murders in the Building' and the brand new, 'Rosaline'

Hulu's Rosaline

via Hulu

You know that shocking, stomach-sinking feeling you get when you catch a glance of your weekly screen time notification? Well, if they tallied up the hours I’ve spent scrolling through Netflix for a tv show or movie — hello, ANY-thing — to watch, I’d undoubtedly feel so much worse.

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‘Bones and All’ Isn’t About Cannibals — It’s About Clothes, Actually

The ‘Bones and All’ Trailer dropped, and it’s a masterclass in dirtbag fashion

Bones and All Fashion

via MGM

Spooky season is upon us — and so is the Bones and All trailer. The new Luca Guadinino film, his second feature starring Timothee Chalamet since Call Me By Your Name, is almost here and it’s about cannibals.

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