PREMIERE | Wolves Release Infectious 'Freaky'

'Freaky' resonates with retro flavors mixed with modern pizzazz


Los Angeles-based Wolves premiere "Freaky," which officially releases June 15. The song advocates accepting who you are and living life with zest.

Made up of Marc Avery, Sean Carney, and Rockwell Sands, the Wolves' sound merges indie pop flavors with alt-rock and hip-hop elements, along with retro nuances giving their music an elusive familiarity that's simultaneously nostalgic and fresh. It's a contagious sound, earning the band explosive success on Billboard's charts and beaucoup plays on Sirius' XM Hits 1.

Sands explains Wolves' unique sonic signature, saying, "We wondered what it would be like if we took all these different influences we loved—artists like Michael Jackson, the Eagles, Coldplay—and rolled them all into one band today."

The band's name – Wolves – reflects the best qualities of nature's stunning animals and their harmonious interactions.

"Freaky" opens with tightly humming synths and keyboards riding a crisp, throbbing groove. A hefty bassline holds down the bottom, as buttery vocal harmonies surge with gossamer colors overhead. The lead vocals combine velvety tones with forceful rapping delivery, infusing the tune with two distinct choral flavors.

The mixture of hip-hop and pop aspects infuses the music with a glistening, stuttering flow that's infectiously powerful. The pulsating rhythm permeates the atmosphere, inducing listeners to move to the groove. Textured sensual energy, Jovian and palpable, saturate the atmosphere with simmering declarative plumes.

With "Freaky," Wolves display their talent for beguiling rhythms suffused with retro echoes and garden-fresh resonance. Wolves have it going on!

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