Girls' Generation fans have probably been wondering what the Korean super group's plans are for 2015 now that member Jessica Jung has left to focus on her solo career as a fashion designer.

Putting to rest any fears of a group disbandment, member Yuri has confirmed that the girls will return some time this year with a new album and a more mature image, but unfortunately failed to provide a specific date for the group's big comeback.

“Girls’ Generation is slowly preparing an album," she revealed at a press conference. "We are working hard in order to show an even more mature image within the year. Please look forward to it.”

The girls are also preparing a new Japanese single, although again, there's still no release date for it.

While Girls' Generation have been working hard on new music and various other activities, ex-member Jessica has been keeping busy as a celebrity socialite in China, attending endless red carpet events and promoting her fashion brand wherever possible.

Hopefully both Jessica and SNSD will have a lot of good stuff to bring us this year!

[Via Soompi]

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Twitter just released their official list of the most-active music fan bases this week, and you might be surprised by who made the cut.

While Justin Bieber's Beliebers predictably made No. 1, followed by One Direction's Directioners in second place, the Sones, who are the fans of K-pop princesses Girls' Generation, came in at No. 5.

Girls' Generation was the only girl group on the list, meaning that Little Mix's Mixers and Fifth Harmony's Harmonizers really need to step their stanning up!

This is yet another big victory for Girls' Generation, who are already the most-viewed girl group on YouTube.

Besides Girls' Generation, K-pop boy band BIGBANG came in at No. 18 thanks to the efforts of their VIPs.

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