When the eclectic Beirut-born singer Michael Holbrook arrived on the music scene in 2007, he did so covered in glitter and with a youthful glow that directly clashed with the sound of the late aughts.

The singer known as Mika, with his "breathy baritone to swooping tenor to piercing falsetto," quickly garnered comparisons to Queen's Freddie Mercury, and his shows could make even the most pessimistic Eeyore smile. He'd pass out brightly colored balloons while his DJ would play gleeful radio hits to get the crowd pumped up. He would don slick tailored suits with a splash of color, strut down a rainbow-colored catwalk like a runway model on LSD while every color of the rainbow would flash behind him.

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7 People Who Escaped Their Famous Parents' Shadows

Sometimes, the apple does fall far from the tree.

Nepotism has been making a lot of headlines recently, with Hunter Biden catching a lot of heat for riding his father's coattails into a $600,000/year gig in Ukraine.

And while some of that heat has come from sources that are laughably ill-positioned to criticize, it's depressingly true that the children of famous and powerful people have an easy time finding their ways into boardrooms, record deals, universities, and runways. But what about the world leader's son who performs in drag? Or the actor's daughter who took up painting? If we're really going to criticize nepotism, then we should take some time to celebrate the children who step out of their parents' shadows to do something truly original.

Eddie Murphy's Daughter Is an Incredible Painter

Bria Murphy is obviously a beautiful woman, and she had the opportunity to leverage her looks and her father's connections into a lucrative modeling career, but she chose to follow her passion instead. She says that her paintings are inspired by her belief in the Ancient Astronaut theory and the slightly more grounded desire to empower African American women. Whatever her motivations, there's no denying that she's incredibly talented.


VOLK Drops Music Video for 'Honeybee'

Muscle-bound glam rock and roll from Nashville.

Photo Credit: Casey Moore

Nashville's power duo VOLK pumps out raw, pulverizing rock and roll.

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