Elliot Taylor

One of the slickest hip-hop hits of 2016 just got an even glossier remix by the magnetic songwriter Skylar Grey.

In a photo collection titled LOOK MOM I'M TRAVIS SCOTT, in honor of Travis Scott's popular Netflix documentary, she recreates some of Scott's most iconic looks with her own twist to celebrate her interpretation of "goosebumps."

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TV Lists

The 10 Best Nostalgia TV Shows for Regressing During Quarantine

Guaranteed to revert your brain to the warmest, most pleasant type of goo

Cartoon Network

Whether you've already embraced the powerful regression effect of quarantine, or you have yet to enjoy its warm embrace, you're reading this article for one reason: You need an escape.

The world is a mess, politics are ridiculous, and a global pandemic is killing thousands of people every day. Who wants to deal with any of that–let alone being stuck inside, thrown off your usual routine, with everyone obsessing over a documentary about animal cruelty and a reality show starlet who dropping racial slurs? No, what you need right now is not some new crazy drama to obsess over or any kind of grown-up distraction—you need a time machine that can take you to a simpler era. Short of that, these 10 shows from the late '80s to the early 2000s are among the best ways to turn off your brain and pretend to be a kid again.

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REVIEW | Everything you need to know about ASTROWORLD

Travis Scott sure knows how to make an entrance

Travis Scott performs during his Astroworld Tour

Photo by RMV/Shutterstock

Travis Scott's highly anticipated third album recently released and it's come with more baggage than anyone could have imagined. The 17-track amusement park-themed experience exudes a creepy, disturbing, haunted feel that mirrors that of American Horror Story meets rap.

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