About 18 weeks ago, 32 teams in the National Football League started their season in hopes of holding on all the way to the start of the Playoffs. Cut those teams in half, and 14 teams between the National and American Football Conferences are ready for this weekend's Wild Card Round.

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The Hypocrisy of "The Ellen Show's" Celebrity Bans

Vince Vaughn's character in a movie once called electric cars "gay" while G.W.B. tried to constitutionally ban gay marriage.

Ellen Degeneres

Photo by Julian Smith-EPA-Shutterstock

The Ellen Degeneres motto: "Be Kind to One Another."

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The Strangest NFL Season

The Identity Crisis of a League In-Between

Photo by Adrian Curiel on Unsplash

When the NFL year began with stories not of football, but of political protest, racism and the U.S. President, it signaled the beginning of perhaps the strangest year in league history. For a league already undergoing an identity crisis, 2017-18 may go down in history less for who wins the Super Bowl than for how league matters leaked off the field. But for all the now played-out excitement of this year's politics—whether it be flaring racial tensions, concussions and cover-ups, or NFL Network sexual harassment—the ball itself, frankly, has been quite boring. Thus, we have one of the strangest of seasons: boring on the field and exciting off of it (in other words, the exact opposite of ideal).

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