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Harry Styles' Sexiest Gender-Fluid Outfits

We love you, Harry Styles...perhaps a bit too much.

Harry Styles SNL

As we celebrate #NationalHonestyDay, it's time to be honest about how good Harry Styles looks in a dress.

Separate from his music, the barriers Harry has broken in recent years in terms of men's fashion have been extraordinary.

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Recent Brand Collabs Better than Gucci x Balenciaga

The Gucci x Balenciaga pieces in the latest Gucci show feel gauche. Here are some cooler collaborations to shop

Blazer from the Gucci x Balenciaga collection

Gucci presented their first collection of their centennial season on April 15th through a fashion film.

The collection, entitled "ARIA," was replete with references to designers, trends, and pieces past. Notably, the collection also featured a collaboration with Balenciaga.

Both members of the Kering group (aka the Gucci Group) — one of the two major fashion conglomerates alongside LVMH — Gucci and Balenciaga are always battling for the top spot amongst luxury brands. With this collection, Gucci combined elements from Balenciaga in a process Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele described as "hacking."

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Culture News

Old Harry Styles Pictures Resurface ... and I'm Obsessed with How Un-Problematic They Are

Pictures of Harry Styles dressed as Ariel are making their way around Twitter and we love it

Harry Styles dressed as Ariel

The way my heart stopped when I read the words: "Old Harry Styles Images Resurface."

If you've been around the internet longer than five minutes, you know that deep dives into the archives of your faves is not usually a good idea. Almost no one is immune (though almost no one suffers any actual consequences).

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Film Features

"Space Sweepers" and the Strangeness of Korean Gender Politics

The Korean sci-fi blockbuster offers a window into cultural norms on gender.

On Friday Netflix premiered a new Korean sci-fi adventure movie called Space Sweepers.

The film's most notable achievement is its stunning visual effects, reminiscent of Blade Runner 2049 and Guardians of the Galaxy — despite working with around 1/10th the budget. These effects serve a story that is largely just a fun space adventure. But if we look deeper, Space Sweeper has some cultural insights to offer.

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Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles

Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles, beloved denizens of the Hollywood elite, are presumed to be dating.

Rumors began flying about the would-be couple after Wilde and Styles were seen holding hands (!) and dressed in head to toe Gucci at the wedding of Styles' manager, Jeffrey Azoff.

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If there is any one human experience that is truly universal, it's a broken heart.

There is no pain quite as sharp or as lasting as your very first heartbreak, which is not to say subsequent heartbreaks are easy. But what remains consistent through it all is the power of music to offer comfort and catharsis. Whether your heart is broken for the first or the fiftieth time, these songs will help you throughout every stage of your journey to healing. Some are angry and defiant, some are sad and self-pitying, and some are about letting go and moving on. Whatever kind of break up song you need right now, we guarantee it's on this list.

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