When autumn rolls around, I just wanna buy school supplies. Even though I graduated five years ago, my inner clock still tells me I should be going back to school. Although I've joined the working world, September inspires me to reconsider my dreams and ambitions, and take on fresh projects. I cleared out the closets, ordered flannel sheets, and went crazy shopping for kitchen essentials. This year, I'm gonna learn to cook.

But when I researched local culinary classes, they were way too expensive and happened on, like, Saturday mornings. Uhm? I'll be sleeping! I complained to my neighbor about it, and she suggested I try a meal kit delivery service. Whaaaaat? I'd kinda heard of meal kits, but never thought they could teach me to cook. Turns out, she's been getting HelloFreshfor a year and a half and her family thinks it's fantastic.

Warning: Do not traffic HelloFresh's site when hungry! So hard to chose- I want to try everything!

I clicked through 20 mouthwatering recipes included on that week's menu. They looked so delectable I wanted to eat them all. The kits are pre-measured and ready-to-cook - practically every task completed for me. Plus, the meals are portion-controlled so I won't waste food and I can monitor my caloric intake. I immediately signed up for a 2 person plan - so twice a week I'll make dinner for two. So what if I'm-single? I'll eat leftovers for lunch - yummy!

The HelloFresh box arrived on my doorstep promptly, as promised. My meal kit contained a recipe card and pre-portioned, high-quality, locally sourced ingredients. I asked my Amazon Alexa to play Lizzo's Truth Hurts and got to cookin' my Carne Asada Steak Bowl - only 710 Calories a serving. Bling-bling, solved.

I must admit I was nervous about the actual cooking part, but the instructions on the recipe card were so clear. I sliced-n-diced the tomato, scallions, jalapeño - singing along with Lizzo.

When HelloFresh claims I'll have a hassle-free, chef-designed, ready-to-eat meal in 30 minutes, they mean it. After a mere half-hour, I bit into my carne. Did I cook this?? The steak was so tender. And so dee-lish.

Skipping weeks, or canceling, is no trouble. For example, after my first month, I changed my plan from 2 to 3 meals per week. There's such a wide variety of cuisines I wanna sample: Korean, Mexican, Cuban, Thai . . .

With meals starting at $7.49 per serving, what a bargain. I used to spend close to $200 a week eating in restaurants almost every night. These days, I stay home and save money while honing my newfound cooking skills.

Now that I've got the basics down, I'm mastering HelloFresh'smore advanced recipes - mixing it up with interesting ingredients and techniques. With HelloFresh's vast array of options, I'm invincible in the kitchen - much more excited to cook at home than to dine in a fine restaurant.

Update: Follow this link to get $30 off including FREE shipping on the first box!