5 Reasons You Actually Should Put Gorilla Glue in Your Hair

What's the worst that could happen?

TikTok / @im_d_ollady

Update 2/12/2021: Since publication, a 37-year-old Louisiana man named Len Martin reportedly attempted to jump on the social media wave and prove that Tessica Brown's hair mishap was a hoax by using Gorilla Glue to attach a plastic cup to his upper lip in order to show how easily it is to remove... Except that it's not easy at all, and he ended up in the hospital, as will anyone else who attempts the "Gorilla Glue Challenge."

It's not yet known if his lip will heal on its own or require surgery. So in case it wasn't clear from the disclaimers that this article was intended as satire, let's state it clearly: if you put Gorilla Glue on yourself, you will regret it, and will more than likely end up in the hospital... So don't.

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