Popstars have been the backbone of the music industry for decades upon decades. There were OG divas like Whitney Houston and Britney Spears. There were Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, and Rihanna. But it felt like we were in need of a fresh sound.

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NOTD knows how to make a pop-dance fusion track that tops the charts. You may have heard their iconic collaborations, “I Wanna Know (feat. Bea Miller)”, “So Close (feat. Georgia Ku, Felix Jaehn, Captain Cuts)”, and “I Dont Know Why (feat. Astrid S).” These songs have catchy beats and equally enticing lyrics that had fans singing along at all hours of the day.

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We all know Demi Lovato – some of us have even grown up with her. We’ve witnessed her stunning vocal performances at countless awards shows, on a handful of tours, and even throughout her time on Disney Channel.

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The Best Bob Marley Songs in Honor of his 75th Birthday

The Reggae icon, who would have been 75 today, made some of the greatest protest music ever made.

No Woman, No Cry (Live At The Lyceum, London/1975)

While it's nearly impossible to put a cap on the number of hits reggae legend Bob Marley attained in his career, there are a few songs that universally take the cake–and no, "Three Little Birds" is not one of them.

The Reggae icon, who would have been 75 today, made some of the greatest protest music ever made, and he inspired international social justice as a result. "His artistic fearlessness and social commitment remain an inspiration to activists, musical and otherwise. His songs of freedom have become universal hymns," wrote Rolling Stone. In honor of his birthday, here are some of Bob Marley's biggest hits.

No Woman, No Cry (Live)

While there are plenty of live recordings of Bob Marley's moving anthem, the Lyceum Theatre performance in London in 1975 was an iconic moment in the career of Bob Marley. The original Natty Dread version was much more upbeat, but on Live! Bob Marley slows the song down to give it a blues edge. That's not to mention the addition of organs, gorgeous harmonies from the I-Threes, and that goosebump-inducing audience chant. It elevated the song to new heights, and even now it's the preferred version to the original. The song itself is about England's colonization of Jamaica, giving the moment that extra umph when you realize he's in London.


There Are No Greatest Hits Anymore: Compilation Albums Are a Cash Grab in 2019

With Fall Out Boy releasing another "Greatest Hits" collection, the question remains: why?

Aaron Carter

Photo by Kathy Hutchins (Shutterstock)

For decades, "Greatest Hits" albums were a necessary evil.

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American Authors Begin a New Chapter with "Before I Go" Music Video

The band begins a new chapter with a fearless announcement of what it means to be human.

American Authors just released the music video for "Before I Go," shot at drummer Matt Sanchez's wedding last October.

"Before I Go" is from the band's most recent album, Seasons, which has accumulated 30 million streams on Spotify, along with millions more on other platforms.

Based in Brooklyn, American Authors is made up of Zac Barnett (vocals), James Adam Shelley (guitar, banjo), Dave Rublin (bass), and Matt Sanchez (drums). In 2012, after changing their name from the Blue Pages to American Authors, they signed with Mercury Records and released their debut single, "Believer," earning well-deserved attention. Their follow-up single, "Best Day of My Life," went triple-platinum and launched the band to galactic success, appearing everywhere: television, movies, video games, and sporting events.

Since then, American Authors have dropped three albums, Oh, What A Life, What We Live For, and Seasons, resulting in sold-out shows around the world, as well as performances at Lollapalooza, Firefly Music Festive, BottleRock, Reading Festival, and the Leeds Festival, Pukkelpop, SXSW, and Polartec Big Air.

"Before I Go" opens with muted colors topped by Barnett's sensitive rasping vocals, infusing the tune with genuine warmth. Choirlike harmonies give the music a glowing radiance. The pop-flavored alt-rock melody is awash with yearning optimism and poignant lyrics: "I hope I find a peace of mind / In all of my woes / I hope the rain, it brings a light / To my broken soul / I hope I lose myself in the city / But…"

"Before I Go" rides bright hues full of emotions and a sense of imminent greatness, as a new chapter unfolds for the band.

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