Addison Rae and the Worst Songs by Social Media Stars

Addison Rae's embarrassing new single "Obsessed" proves she should stick to lip syncing

Addison Rae in "Obsessed" Video

The inevitable has happened: Addison Rae, TikTok's highest earner, has released her first single. Equally inevitable: it's really, really bad.

Rae, who is also working on a gender-swapped remake of 90s classic She's All That which no one wants or asked for, released "Obsessed" alongside a video showing off her signature, cringeworthy TikTok dance moves. The song is a generic pop effort, with a lot of autotune in action in an attempt to disguise that the semi-melodic whispering Rae is doing is not in fact singing (a method that has carried the career of Selena Gomez).

Addison Rae - Obsessed (Official Music Video)

The lyrics Rae is "singing" leave much to be desired. The chorus of "I'm obsessed with me-e-e as much as you" makes me almost wish for the soaring, though empty, teen-pop of "Drivers License." At least Olivia Rodrigo can sing. This song's general cadence is reminiscent of the early-2000s viral video "Hot Problems," but at least that was rightly mocked in its day — and hilarious. Rae's "Obsessed" doesn't even offer any humor, just second-hand embarrassment.

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