Stacey Ryan has the unbelievable gift to blend jazz and pop in a way that makes us all want to dance along. Her music makes us forget that there even is a line between jazz and pop, fusing the two seamlessly to create a perfect single. We've seen her do it before with tracks like "Don't Text Me When You're Drunk" or "Fall In Love Alone," but she's back with a full EP's worth of music now.

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Mindy Tucker

In this episode, Demi pays a visit to the New York apartment of Gianmarco Soresi.

With appearances on Comedy Central and The Late Late Show with James Corden, he's one of comedy's rising stars. Based in New York, he's grown his following through consistent touring, TV gigs, and social media. Although he describes himself as a failed actor, Soresi has landed parts in CBS's Blue Bloods and the Jennifer Lopez hit movie Hustlers.

Watch him talk to Demi about his career in comedy, how he puts a show together, and his advice for young comics.

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Fresh off of her appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Stacey Ryan stopped by to talk to Demi Ramos.

The Montreal singer-songwriter's career has taken off over the past couple of years. She scored a viral hit with "Don't Text Me When You're Drunk." Ryan followed that up with "Fall in Love Alone," her biggest song to date. The original and sped-up versions have over 100 million Spotify streams.

In this episode, Ryan and Ramos talk about Ryan's rise in the music industry, her upcoming tour with Jake Wesley Rogers, and how she takes care of herself with such a busy schedule. Watch the interview and stream Ryan's latest single "Over Tonight" below.

For more from Stacey Ryan, follow her on Instagram and TikTok.


Let's Not Forget That James Corden Is Probably Anti-Union

While everyone talking about Balthazar-Gate, keep in mind that James Corden suggested undercutting WGA minimums for his own writers.

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Update: 11/2/22

If you didn't get the message, James Corden is a dick.

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