Claire Renee releases new album

Meet Claire Reneé, a multi-talented singer-songwriter, dancer and esteemed wellness advocate.

Known for her soul-bearing lyricism and expressive vocals, Claire Reneé has just unveiled a nine-track body of work called Wings. The collection of songs is a mesmerizing union of neo-soul, pop, and jazz in which the artist delivers a sincere and heartfelt reflection on the beauty and challenges that characterize loving relationships.

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Hayley Sales and Sharon Stone collaborate on new single

If you've ever paused in life for a moment and imagined how the exhilarating pangs and longings of a blossoming new love might sound in music, your mind might conjure something like "Never Before."

"Never Before" is a sophisticated and tender love song created by singer/songwriter Hayley Sales and icon/actress Sharon Stone.

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Jon Batiste Dances the Night Away In New Single "I Need You"​

The single's video finds Batiste attempting to woo a young woman at an art gallery when suddenly a painting depicting a 1930s party comes to life.

Jon Batiste

As Stephen Colbert's charismatic bandleader, Jon Batiste is no stranger to commanding our attention.

The soulful crooner just released a spritely new single on Friday titled "I Need You," a bouncy and jubilant ode to the power of love in a time of crisis. The single is an infectious amalgamation of pop, swing music, and hip-hop, and Batiste's music video is as fun as the track itself.

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Cats are polarizing. Non-cat people vehemently despise the entire species, readily listing the wrongs done to them and loved ones by felines. Meanwhile, cat people feel just as strongly, and are ready to tell you all the ways their cat is smarter, better, prettier, and more fun to be around than you'll ever be. But whether you love them or hate them, you have to admit there isn't anything much better than a funny cat video. So you don't have to waste your time filtering all the non-cat content out of your newsfeed, we've compiled a list of our favorite funny cat videos.

Cat Jump Fail with Music: Sail by AWOLNATION

First of all, "Sail" by AWOLNATION is an absolute banger under any circumstances. Second of all, this sneaky boi looks like he'll set your house on fire and laugh while it burns. Third, and finally, what an incredibly bad jump.

Cats vs Zombies

We love a high budget production, talented feline actors, and tasteful machine gun use. Most of all, we love cats in funny little vests committing graphic acts of violence. We hope the creator of this video has found the help he needs.

Official Video: Cat Bath Freak Out -Tigger the cat says 'NO!' to bath

This cat is not happy about bath time, and eerily screams "NO!" over and over again. Inexplicably, instead of calling an exorcist, the owners of the cat continue to laugh, ignoring the fact that Lucifer himself is emerging from the mouth of their furry friend.

Surprised Kitty (Original)

This video of a small kitten throwing it's paws up in surprise has gained almost 80 million views on Youtube. We have to wonder if the person to post this now famous 30 second clip had any idea of the cultural impact their kitten would have.

Boxing cat

While this boxing cat's behavior almost certainly indicates a feline neurological disorder and not an understanding of human sports concrete enough to generate imitation, it's pretty funny anyway. We're pretty sure he'd lose a boxing match though, he's pretty small.

The Savitsky Cats: Super Trained Cats Perform Exciting Routine - America's Got Talent 2018

We aren't sure if these talented cats are funny or just disturbing, but either way they're undeniably entertaining. And fluffy. Look at their little paws. We'd like to believe that the cats actually trained the two women, not the other way around.

Jeff Hortillosa

Press Photo

Austin-based musician, actor, and director Jeff Hortillosa drops his EP, The Horticulture Vol. 1 as a companion to his new film War Monkey.

The Horticulture, Vol. 1

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Review: Thundercat Grieves Mac Miller On “It Is What It Is”

The jazz icon’ latest effort is a heartfelt collection of grief-laden poetry.

The fourth project by funk-psychedelia polymath, Stephen Lee Bruner, has taken Thundercat's world of '80s funk and turned it into meditative reflection.

While 2017s Drunk was a chaotic odyssey of drugs, sex, and blackouts across Tokyo, It Is What It Is is contrastingly modest in its execution. With 15 songs at just 37 minutes, the album floats, only sinking its teeth in at opportune times before disappearing into space. "How Sway" is just Thundercat slapping the bass for a minute straight while Flying Lotus's production takes center stage. The project then goes relentlessly into "Funny Thing," another fast-paced 1:50 seconds, with Bruner asking bluntly, "Do you mind if I wild out a little?" (as if our answer would stop him).

Thundercat - 'Black Qualls (feat. Steve Lacy & Steve Arrington) [Single Version]' (Official Audio)

The project is full of these vivacious scraps, and at first glance, listeners might miss the existentialism. "Is this real? Is this real?" he asks repeatedly on "How I Feel." "It feels so cold and alone," he croons on the album's brief intro. Thundercat is hardened by the waves of grief that have polluted his life in recent years, but It Is What It Is moves with the fluidity of life. Its as if he's saying: "It's all so fast and vapid, this thing called living, and it requires acceptance that there will always be more questions than answers."

"Stuck in between, it is what it is," he sings with a shrug on "Fair Chance," Thundercat's somber dedication to the late Mac Miller. On "Existential Dread," Thundercat admits that even when dread sets in "loud and clear," he'll "adjust and simply let go." As wind howls in the background, Thundercat admits on the album closer that "sometimes there's regret," before diving into a fabulous closing solo. "Hey Mac," he calls out to his friend. There are moments of silly reprieve ("Dragon Ball Durag,") but It Is What It Is is a coming-of-age tale at its center. "Things became a bit realer to me," Bruner told The New York Times. "I was faced with a choice – to either follow suit or figure it out. And I guess this is me trying to figure it out."

It Is What It Is