10 Richest Musicians of All Time

Discover which celebrity musician has the highest net worth.

Kevin Mazur--Getty Images

Musicians love money so much that they're always singing for it.

While some musicians sing in the subway for very small amounts of money, other musicians sing on big stages for whole piles of the stuff. Some of them even have a billion dollars. That's so rich! Here at Popdust, we love music and money, so we're putting them together to make a list of the richest musicians in the whole world.

10. Julio Iglesias

julio iglesias

$600 Million

Julio Iglesias is a Spanish singer and songwriter known for being the most commercially successful singer/songwriter in Continental Europe. His bank account reflects that success because it's full of sweet, sweet dough.

9. Jimmy Buffett

jimmy buffett

$600 Million

Dads love Jimmy Buffett because he sings all about cheeseburgers. But when Jimmy Buffett says "cheeseburgers," what he really means is that he has so much money.

8. Bono


$700 Million

U2's Bono loves charity almost as much as he loves having loads of money. He's probably the most charitable musician in the whole world, mainly because he's always telling everyone how much money he has. It's 700 million dollars!

7. Celine Dion

celine dion

$800 Million

Celine Dion sang the big song in Titanic, which makes sense because she has a titanic amount of money! She never has to worry about sinking either, unless she's sinking into a big tub of coinage.

6. Dr. Dre

dr dre

$820 Million

In spite of his name, Dr. Dre has never received his doctorate degree. He has, however, received stacks and stacks of real fat cash.

5. Herb Alpert

herb alpert

$850 Million

We Googled Herb Alpert and, according to Wikipedia, he is "an American jazz musician most associated with the group variously known as Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass." We've never heard of them before, but he sure has a lot of moolah!

4. Madonna


$850 Million

Madonna is no virgin when it comes to having lots of money. While she may be best known for her many controversies, maybe she should be best known for being very rich.

3. P. Diddy

p diddy

$855 Million

With his own record company and a men's fashion line under his belt, it's no wonder that P. Diddy is rolling in the green.

2. Jay-Z

jay z

$1 Billion

Jay-Z is extra rich because he's not just a rapper, he's also a music mogul. Even better, he's married to Beyonce, and if the two pooled their money together, they'd even be able to buy the #1 spot on this list!

1. Paul McCartney

paul mccartney

$1.2 Billion

Paul McCartney from The Beatles has the most money of any musician. He could even buy two of the smaller musicians if he wanted, like Jimmy Buffet and maybe Bruce Springsteen. who didn't even make this list.

In the proud tradition of only the most annoying musicians singing about escaping the workaday world to live a free life on or around the high seas, Zac Brown Band infected the airwaves with "Knee Deep" this summer, an ode to an existence where the "only worry in the world" is whether or not "the tide gonna reach my chair." The song has all the musical and lyrical substance of a watered-down Jason Mraz single, helped little by the presence of the man whose specter would loom large over the song even if he didn't actually sing on the damn thing: Jimmy Buffett.

Over an irritatingly jaunty guitar hook, Zac and Jimmy paint a portrait of their "own kind of paradise," which basically consists of sitting on the beach and doing nothing forever. For such a supposedly idyllic song, though, "Knee Deep" comes off as highly depressing—Zac sings of the heartbreak that forced him to retreat to his waterworld, while Jimmy says he "don't think anybody gonna miss [him] anyway" after he makes his disappearing act. Perhaps this is because despite what the Hawaiian Shirt propaganda machine may tell you, sitting idly by on a beach is a shallow existence that loses its novelty after about a month, and maintaining a real-world life based on interpersonal relationships and professional success is actually much more satisfying. Don't believe the hype, kids.