The bottle cap challenge has no doubt consumed the Internet in the last month. Started by legendary Taekwondo fighter Farabi Davletchin back in June, the challenge has seemingly brought every celebrity out of the woodwork to have a go at it.

While many followed the traditional rules of the challenge: place said bottle on the counter, and remove said bottle cap with a clean, efficient roundhouse kick. But others used it as an opportunity to put a unique and hilarious spin on it. Here are the top six participants we feel are worthy of immortal commemoration

Jason Statham

One of the first celebrities to undertake the challenge, Jason Statham's impeccable form and unnecessary seriousness is equal parts hilarious and impressive. Look at that furrowed brow, that posture, that swift form. What a majestic creature he is.

Swae Lee

The singer/rapper is not nearly as agile as some of the other competitors, and it's impressive that he succeeded at all, considering his terrible form and poor execution. Note the pieces of glass flying towards the camera upon contact. It's sloppy work, plus Lee ends the video by giving his audience the middle finger. Like dude, what the f**k? What did we do?

Justin Bieber

Shirtless and frustrated, Bieber mentions that the bottle cap "could be Tom Cruise's head." Not sure why he feels the need to continuously troll Cruise, but we're here for it. As for the execution, the bottle was placed just a little too high, with Bieber no doubt falling at the end of the video. His lanky form could almost not withstand the height, but he still somehow succeeded.

John Mayer

Who knew the pop singer had such flexibility. Judging by what we'd initially expect from Mr. Mayer, his execution was as reliable and enjoyable as Continuum, and judging by the look on his face after the cap's removal, he is no doubt aware and enjoying the hell out of our surprised faces.

Donnie Yen

I mean, it's not even really fair is it? The legendary mixed martial artist took the bottle cap off with a damn blindfold on, and he didn't even need to do a roundhouse to send the cap flying into oblivion. Like, no need to show off dude.

Mariah Carey

Carey's unique twist on the bottle cap challenge is one to remember. Due to some editing magic, the singer blew the cap off the bottle by screaming at it. Did I say screaming? I meant screeching.

Ryan Reynolds

The comedic internet juggernaut and actor one-upped every contender in the challenge. The bottle undergoes an immensely emotional journey in hopes it'll soon be reunited with Reynolds. The bottle succeeds, and Reynolds immediately kills it. We mean he kills the bottle, shattering it into a million pieces before taking off. Reynolds hasn't been seen since.


To Donald Trump: 5 Ways You're Actually a Flawless Being Doing a Beautiful, Unbelievable Job Right Now

You could resign if you want to, but then who will keep America so GD great?

With Donald Trump making a visit to Bangor, Maine today, the editorial board of the Portland Press Herald issued an op-ed calling for President Trump to resign.

The harshly critical piece entitled "To President Trump: You Should Resign Now" was framed as an open letter to the president and got straight to the point with this opening plea, "We're sorry that you decided to come to Maine, but since you are here, could you do us a favor? Resign."

In recent days even George W. Bush has been critical of President Trump's response to protests, so this new piece quickly became a trending topic on Twitter. Obviously this is another baseless attack from the lying news media—AKA lügenpresse. Considering how delicate our president's ego is—he's our special little guy—we can only hope that Donald Trump didn't see the letter; but just in case he did, it's worth writing another one to lift his spirits. So here's our best attempt—with lots of pictures and flattery to keep him reading:

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Daniel Caesar's New Album Is an Ode to Sex and God

The 24-year-old Canadian R&B musician's latest work is a mature meditation on the furthest edges of human experience.

Daniel Caesar's CASE STUDY 1 hit streaming services at midnight, and it feels designed for that time of night, tailor-made to be listened to during a bout of insomnia until the first hints of sun.

Caesar is an expert at crafting dreamlike, ethereal, and slow-burning R&B, and his latest album is a continuation of what made him famous: bass-heavy songs that are sad and sexy at the same time, full of tremolo-laden guitar and multifaceted lyrics that often shapeshift each time you listen to them.

The album's first track, "Entropy," wastes no time in getting into the thick of Caesar's thematic territory. "I remember the line from the Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad-Gita," begins the song. "Vishnu was trying to persuade the prince that he should do his duty, and, to impress him, takes on his multi-armed form, and says, 'Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.'"

Following that, the song collapses into a sultry beat while Caesar sings, "I finally found peace / just how long till she strip for me?" What follows is a meandering spiritual monologue that's as much of an ode to sex as it is to God. It often blurs the line between the two, removing the boundaries between art, love, and spirituality and brewing them together.

The result is a spiral of longing—for connection, for the past, for a different kind of future. Nostalgia runs the show on "Restore the Feeling," a simultaneously laid-back and intricate track which features Jacob Collier and Sean Leon. "Superposition," featuring John Mayer, is a delicate, folky ballad to existential questioning. "Isn't it an irony, the things that inspire me / they make me bleed / so profusely," Caesar begins. "Life's all about contradiction / yin and yang fluidity and things. I'm me, I'm God, I'm everything, I'm my own reason why I sing, and so are you."

daniel caesar Image via DIG MAG

It's an incantation, a hymn for a world where fame and success are lauded as the end goal of the human experience—often to the detriment of the famous, when they discover that notoriety can't fill any internal void. "This music shit's a piece of cake," sings Caesar. "The rest of my life's in a state of chaos." His music seems suspended in time, located in a universe that's completely detached from the messiness of human life, so it's easy to see how the transition between his world and the real one could be jarring.

Emerging from CASE STUDY 1 feels like coming out of a dream. Listening to it is not necessarily going to make the real world any easier, but it offers an oblivion that can be clutched like a crucifix or a lover's hand when reality gets old.