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The Gravel Institute Is the Left's (Perfect) Response to PragerU

It's the highest-stakes battle between two old white men since every war ever.

Update 6/27/2021: It was announced on Sunday that former Senator Mike Gravel had passed away of Myeloma at the age of 91 in his Seaside, Califronia home.

This is a story of two old white men who became online symbols of political movements — in one case intentionally, in the other...less so.

On the one hand we have Dennis Prager, a talk-radio host in his early 70s who promotes a far-Right political ideology. A Jewish man from Brooklyn, Prager has long aligned himself with America's Christian-Right, going so far as to say — in response to then newly-elected Muslim congressman Keith Ellison swearing in on the Quran — that "America is interested in only one book, the Bible. If you are incapable of taking an oath on that book, don't serve in Congress."

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Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart appear on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart"

Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for Comedy Central

Once written off as a baseless conspiracy, the lab leak theory — the idea that COVID-19 was spread thanks to a lab accident — has been gaining traction in recent months.

Recently, on the first in-person episode of Stephen Colbert's A Late Show in over a year, none other than Jon Stewart expressed his support for the idea. Or rather, he expressed his opinion that he believes there is "a chance" the pandemic was unleashed in a lab.

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Vince McMahon and Donald Trump

Last night on All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite, NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal wrestled his first-ever wrestling match.

The four-time NBA champion went head to head with AEW star/Vice President Cody Rhodes in a mixed-tag match. AEW women's wrestler Red Velvet teamed with Rhodes while Jade Cargill made her in-ring debut as Shaq's partner.

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Forget Shade, Jon Stewart Threw A Total Eclipse At Trump, Fox And The GOP

Back for the second time in a week and MAJORLY on fire.....

Jon Stewart Trump Fox GOP tirade is everything, and a bag of chips—comedian was back for a second time in a week last night and was majorly on form

Godammit, America needs you Jon Stewart!

Scratch that.

The WORLD needs you Jon Stewart!

The 53-year-old was back on TV for the second time in a week last night—and he was on FIRE!

As Popdust previously reported, Stewart made an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Monday night.

In a short skit, Colbert "trekked" his way to his old friend's "cabin in the woods' to break the news to him that Donald Trump is the GOP presidential candidate.

It was funny and amusing, and well, just great to see Jon Stewart on TV once again.

But, last night was classic Stewart, as he delivered a scathing, angry, totally on point and epic ranting take down of Trump, the GOP and Fox News.

It was everything, and a bag of chips.

Stewart delivered his 10-minute monologue during a live broadcast at the Ed Sullivan Theater, following Trump's acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention.

The New Yorker took no prisoners as he savaged Sean Hannity—whom he refused to mention by name, choosing instead to refer to him as "Lumpy".

Colbert acted as some kind of weird off-camera fluffer throughout, as he lurked below a desk, surfacing only twice when Stewart's language became a tad too salty for live TV.

The entire monologue is amazing, but it really ignites a fire when Stewart reads the riot act to the right wing media and GOP cronies:

You feel that you're this country's rightful owners.

There's only one problem with that.

This country isn't yours. You don't own it. It never was.

There is no real America. You don't own it.

You don't own patriotism. You don't own Christianity.


Here's the full transcript via the NY Times:

Well, the convention's over.

I thought Donald Trump was going to speak. Ivanka said that he was going to come out.

She said he was really compassionate and generous, but then this angry groundhog came out and he just vomited on everybody for an hour.

But the Republicans appear to have a very clear plan for America, and they've articulated it throughout the convention.

One, jail your political opponent.

Two, inject Rudy Giuliani with a speedball and Red Bull enema.

And then, three, spend the rest of the time scaring the holy bejeezus out of everybody.

But I'm not interested in that. I'm interested in gymnastics.

With the Rio Olympics coming up, I'm enjoying the gymnastics portion of the program that's about to occur.

That would be the contortions that many conservatives will now have to do, to embrace Donald J. Trump, a man who clearly embodies the things that they have, for years, said that they have hated about Barack Obama.

[Montage of Fox News panelists calling Obama divisive, thin-skinned, authoritarian and narcissistic.]

A thin-skinned narcissist with no government experience.

Yes. That sounds exactly like — Barack Obama.

So now the right-wing media's going to have to spend 24 hours a day, seven days a week, justifying this choice they've made.

Can they make the turn? They already are.

Let's trace their journey through the eyes of one of their most talented gymnasts.

[Photograph of Sean Hannity.] Um, uh, his name escapes me.

Let's just refer to him as Lumpy. Hey, Lumpy.

For instance, here's how Lumpy felt about Barack Obama's divisiveness.

[Montage of Mr. Hannity describing divisions for which he blames Mr. Obama, including "black versus white" and "old versus young."]

Cats versus dogs!
Batman versus Superman!

[Photographs of Taylor Swift, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.] That one against the other two!

I've been out of the business a while, I don't know what that is.

If you don't like divisiveness, what about when Trump suggested Mexico is sending us their rapists?

On Cinco de Mayo, we had the Trump Tower taco bowl, and that's one of the healing-est meals on the Trump Tower menu.

I'm not an expert on racial unity. But I do believe that some of our more vaunted historical leaders in that area did retweet white supremacists less than Trump.

So I believe — I'm just saying.

Then there was the Obama crony that Lumpy couldn't stand.

His old friend, Teleprompty.

[Clip of Mr. Hannity criticizing Mr. Obama's use of teleprompters.]

He probably sleeps with the darn thing and then probably doesn't call it the next day because it didn't say so on the teleprompter.
Lumpy, your 180, please.

[Clip of Mr. Hannity praising Mr. Trump's use of teleprompters.]

You hate teleprompters!

You're saying now, "Teleprompters are for stupid people, and I thought Trump handled it pretty good."

O.K., inexperience aside. Divisiveness aside. The worst thing about Barack Obama is his elitism.

[Clip of Mr. Hannity asking how in touch Mr. Obama is with the average American, ordering a hamburger with Dijon mustard.]

Yeah, you elitist!

You probably eat that burger with your mouth. Instead of acting like a real American and having a Magnum fire it up your ass.

Like they serve them at Arby's.

That's how they serve them, actually, at Arby's.

Meanwhile, here's how Lumpy feels about the guy who sits in a literal golden throne at the top of a golden tower with his name in gold letters at the top of it, eating pizza with a knife and fork.

How do you feel about that guy?

[Clip of Mr. Hannity describing Mr. Trump as a "blue-collar billionaire."]

That's not a thing. You know what?

It is true, Trump does seem like the kind of guy you want sit down and own a fleet of airplanes with.

Look, all that stuff is actually superficial and I'm sure it's easy for people without ethics or principles to embrace someone who embodies everything that they said they hated about the previous president for the past eight years.

Because, really for a president, it's about what's inside.

And that's where Lumpy and friends — that's where they really have found the president lacking.

[Clip of Mr. Hannity criticizing the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. and saying he would not go to his church.]

Obama would.

He's the type of Christian that's, you know, [whispers] not Christian.

When the pope said that Trump's talk about immigration was not Christian, surely that gave Lumpy pause.

[Clip of Mr. Hannity asking how the pope can decide if someone is a Christian in his heart.]

Yeah! Who died and made that guy pope?

So let's just say, for real, here's where we are.

Either Lumpy and his friends are lying about being bothered by thin-skinned, authoritarian, less-than-Christian readers-of-prompter being president.

Or they don't care, as long as it's their thin-skinned prompter-authoritarian-tyrant-narcissist.

You just want that person to give you your country back. Because you feel that you're this country's rightful owners.

There's only one problem with that.

This country isn't yours. You don't own it. It never was.

There is no real America. You don't own it. You don't own patriotism. You don't own Christianity.

You sure as hell don't own respect for the bravery and sacrifice of military, police and firefighters.

Trust me, I saw a lot of people on the convention floor in Cleveland with their "blue lives matter" rhetoric, who either remained silent or actively fought against the 9/11 first responders' bill reauthorization.

I see you and I see [audio cut for obscenity].

[Mr. Colbert says, "We're live."]

We're live. Never been on a television show with stakes before.

So I see you. You've got a problem with those Americans fighting for their place at the table.

You've got a problem with that because you feel like — what's Representative Steve King's word for it?

Subgroups of Americans are being divisive.

Well, if you have a problem with that, take it up with the founders.

We hold these truths to be self-evident.

[Singing.] "That all men are created equal."

Respect, Lin-Manuel.

Those fighting to be included in the ideal of equality are not being divisive.

Those fighting to keep those people out are.

So, Lumpy, you and your friends have embraced Donald Trump.

Clearly, the "c" next to your names don't stand for constitutional or conservative.

But cravenly, convenient —— [Mr. Colbert interrupts with an air horn.]

We'll fill in the blank for those of you out there unsure where this was going.


Cunt with a capital C.

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Jon Stewart Comes Out Of Retirement To Skew Donald Trump

What the world needs now is Jon, Stewart

Jon Stewart Trump candidacy sketch proves what the world needs now is more Jon Stewart…. way, way more Jon Stewart…

Jon Stewart temporarily came out of retirement last night to add his comedic take to the Donald Trump presidential candidacy.

Trump will officially be made the Republican party nominee later today—something, that for many seemed nothing more than an implausible joke this time last year.

But, fast forward a year, and it's far from a joke—it's real, it's happening, and you better damn believe it, because there's not a punchline anywhere in sight.

Which is why the world needs Jon Stewart more now than ever.

Like, so much more now than ever.

However, for now, all we get is a fleeting few minutes, courtesy a visit from former Comedy central colleague, Stephen Colbert.

During last night's sketch, Colbert trecked deep into the mountains of a New York city back stage set to inform his old chum of Trump's heady political ascent.

After setting up the scene for a face full of spat-out coffee, Colbert breaks the news to blissfully unaware Stewart.

Colbert: It's Donald Trump.

Stewart: The guy from The Apprentice?

Colbert: Yup.

Stewart: The guy who did the McDonald's commercial with Grimace?

Colbert: Same guy.

Stewart: The guy who filed bankruptcy in 1991?

Colbert: And '92.

Stewart: And 2004.

Colbert: And 2009.

Stewart: That guy.

Colbert: Yes.

Stewart: Mike Tyson's business advisor? That guy?

Colbert: Indeed, the same guy.

Stewart: The guy whose eyes look like tiny versions of his mouth?

Colbert: Yes, the guy that looks like a decomposing creamsicle.

Stewart: Decomposing jack-o-lantern?

Colbert: Human-toupee hybrid.

Stewart: The guy who looks like he's actually wearing a Donald Trump costume?

Colbert: Yes, a loose fitting one at that.

Stewart: The guy who wrote, and I quote, "Oftentimes when I was sleeping with one of the top women in the world, I would say to myself, 'can you believe what I am getting'"?

Colbert: Yes, the same guy who said, "I have black guys counting my money, I hate it. The only guys I want counting my money are short guys who wear yarmulkes all day."

Yep, indeed, that Donald Trump.... that dude.

Congratulations America, you've truly excelled yourself this time.

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Just weeks into the presidential candidacy run and Donald Trump has already surged to the top of the polls.

Results published Monday by the Washington Post show Trump leading the field at 24%, way ahead of his closest GOP rivals, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (13%) and Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (12%).

Donald Trump Hair Mystery—Combover, Toupee, Transplant, Follicle Faux Pas?

Pretty amazing given the fact the 69-year-old has no background in politics at all—actually, scrap that, no, not amazing at all really when you take into account The Donald is hands down the biggest, and arguably most amazing, troll of our times.

Trump knows who his core voter is and he knows how to push the right buttons to connect with them. It’s all about hot air, bluster, bullying, and bullshit…. it’s all about “being tough” “never backing down” “never apologizing” even if what you say is absolutely fucking outrageous, or a complete and utter lie.

Donald Trump Dumps On John McCain—Says He's Not A War Hero

I mean, there’s the whole line he gave about Mexico sending its drug dealers and rapists over the border to the States, which Trump claims five different “sources” (all of which he refuses to name of course) told him is true.

There is no factual evidence to back up the claim, whatsoever, his “sources” are questionable at the best, and yet, there are one hell of a lot of Trump supporters out there bleating on about how he’s telling the truth…. and anybody who tries to question Trump on the issue will just get screamed down, bullied, threatened with a law suit, or torn apart on social media.

Donald Trump Will Win The Hispanic Vote—Because Hispanics Love Him—Says Donald Trump

Not prepared to rest on his troll laurels, Trump was back up and at it again Saturday, with impressive gusto—this time slamming Senator John McCain, and calling to question why he is considered a "war hero" when he was a prisoner of war.

“He’s not a war hero," Trump opined. "He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”

Ten out of ten for your top class troll work Donald!

Meantime, for those wondering, no, Trump didn't serve in the armed forces himself—as he explained to a reporter, “I had student deferments…. it was a long time ago… I had student deferments then ultimately I had a medical deferment because of my feet. I had a bone spur.”

Gwyneth Paltrow Thinks Water Has Feelings, Is Trolling Us All

Yes, a bone spur......which, at least is progress from the bullshit line Trump was spinning back in 2011, when he claimed he managed to dodge drafting because, “I actually got lucky because I had a very high draft number…and those numbers never got up to.”

It’s actually truly amazing to watch this pantomime play out—and, one has to think, that just like Sarah Palin before him, eventually even the most steadfast Trump supporting ignoramus is going to see him for what he is—a shabby showman and nasty bully, playing up people’s fears and insecurities, and tapping into the psyche of the “American dream” with false promises and bravado.

Donald Trump Threatens To Sue Over Fred And Rosemary West Tribute Tweet

Unlike Palin however (bless her pretty little God fearing ignorant heart), Trump knows how to put on a show, and he knows that the more he trolls, the more camera and press time he gets—and he also knows that his core voter isn’t interested in stupid boring things like the actual facts—they’re interested in hearing a rhetoric that connects with their “values and beliefs” pure and simple.

Oh, and let's not forget, unlike Palin, Trump also has (a self purported) $10 billion of his own money to play politics with.

So, yeah, we can expect one hell of a lot more trolling from Trump in the coming weeks….and, as usual, Jon Stewart summed up the situation best—tearing into Trump during a ten minute segment on the Daily Show Monday night.

You can watch the genius take down below, but here's how Stewart concluded:

Here’s the thing I don’t get. Why is anyone acting surprised about Trump? The only reason you like this guy in the first place is because of the terrible things he was willing to say about Obama, but Trump has no control over the projectile vomit of dickishness that comes out of his mouth everytime he opens it….

It was inevitable some of his word puke was going to get on you. And you should have known that…. you’ve been down this road before… yep… Sarah Palin….

Once you cast a spell and bring an internet comment to life, it no longer belongs to you…. only this time….. the chat room troll emoji you’ve conjured has ten billion dollars of its own money….

You thought Wasilla word salad was hard to shake….wait till you get Trump dump on you.