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Demi Lovato's Sexual Trauma, and the Christian Purity Movement

In a new docuseries, Demi Lovato recalls how a teenage "purity" pledge added a dimension of shame to her experience of sexual assault.

Content warning: Discussions of sexual assault, disordered eating, self harm, and addiction.

Back in 2008, a group of young Disney stars represented what was intended to be a new model of fame.

While the cliche of child stars was that they are quickly corrupted — drawn into the dark side of the entertainment industry, with exposure sex and drugs from a young age — these young singers and actors were supposed to be different.

They were going to hold onto their innocence as long as they could. They had made pledges.

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Aldo Chacon / Red Bull Content Pool

The last thing Jordin Sparks did before California was thrust into quarantine was craft a new EP.

At the Red Bull Studios in Los Angeles, Sparks arrived in mid-February for a collaborative three-day workshop called the Red Bull Studio Sessions. The goal was to create an EP's worth of music in three days with local songwriters Jordyn Dodd, P Wright, Rami Jrade, and Sad Alex. Sparks, who after her season six win on American Idol, became a Grammy-nominated platinum-selling artist, mentioned that she wanted the EP to focus on her family and in turn was fed compelling instrumentals and melodies by the songwriting quartet. While Sparks was undoubtedly the glue that held the effort together, her fellow collaborators played a big hand in the development of her new EP, including songwriting.

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33 Songs to Cope with Your Long Distance Relationship

TIANY TUNES 6: Distant Lover is the playlist to cope with the end of that summer fling, or sustain you through your long distance relationship (or let's be honest, the demise of it).

Hook up your bluetooth and send to your bae, or the inbox of baes past (or that bae you just can't let go of).

The temperature is dropping, the air is crisper, the pants are longer, and the jackets are heavier. So is the heart. Let's face it. September is the month of transitions. The month where summer turns into fall, you get all of your third quarter grind in, and for some, you prepare for a new fiscal year. For most, it's also the month where you start to let go of your summer. The smell of barbecue and salt water, the sound of the cookout playlist and the ocean, the welcome feel of jet lag–all just memories. You know what else becomes memories, or start to fade away? Your summer flings. Whether due to physical or emotional distance, the connection ebbs and flows like the waves you sat on the beach together just a few weeks prior. No worries, I made Tiany Tunes 6: Distant Lover to cope with all of the stages of distance. From hopeful pining, to strong reassurance, followed by doubt and acceptance with a few tracks thrown in for that inevitable revisit there is something for every stage of your new reality. The uncertainty of this phase giving you anxiety? Don't worry, whether this relationship or another, cuffing season is right around the corner, and Tiany Tunes 3: Baby It's Cold Outside has the cure to comfort.

Beyonce and Jay Z

Take a look at the first ten songs and then check out the entire Spotify playlist to see even more from 50 Cent, Frank Ocean, Marron 5, Cyndi Lauper, Fergie, H.E.R., and more.

1.Miss You x Beyonce

I thought that things like this get better with time but I still need you. Why is that?

2.Distant Lover x Marvin Gaye

Distant lover you should think about me. Say a prayer for me. Please, please baby

3.A Thousand Miles x Vanessa Carlton

And I need you.And I miss you.And now I wonder...

4.Hey There Delilah x Plain White T's

Don't you worry about the distance I'm right there if you get lonely. Give this song another listen. Close your eyes.

5.Far Away x Marsha Ambrosius

Don't know what I'm gonna do. Four days and countin', I've been layin' here starin' myself in the mirror all alone in my room.

6.Computer Love x Zapp

Zapp invented the internet, not Al Gore. Could it be your face I see on my computer screen?

7.Thinkin Bout You x Frank Ocean

Yes of course I remember, how could I forget how you feel?

8.Like You'll Never See Me Again x Alicia Keys

If I couldn't feel your touch and no longer were you with me I'd be wishing you were here to be everything that I've been looking for.

9.-Passionfruit X Drake

Listen, harder buildin' trust from a distance. I think we should rule out commitment for now cause we're fallin' apart.

10.T-shirt x Destiny's Child

Hold up a minute, thought I heard your name. My mind, playing tricks on me again. I hear knocks at the door, is that my baby home? Why couldn't it be reality? Looked at the clock and it says 4:03. At nine, he'll be arriving on a plane then we'll be making love and hearing the song again

I know, you want more.The full playlist is below. You're welcome. DId I miss anything. Tweet me what I missed or hop into my Insta DMs.

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I Will Survive

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My life would (have) suck(ed) without you, American Idol. As we say goodbye to your wonderful cheesiness, I've been tasked with the impossible: narrowing down 15 years of musical performances to only 40. I've spent the better part of the last two weeks spiraling endless down, down, down into the YouTube abyss to make sure I get this list right. At the very least, I got the list right for me, first and foremost, an Idoloonie. It's probably not right for you. I can assure you. Someone, somewhere will send me death threats on Twitter, or, at the very least, send me a nicely worded email pontificating how I'm a nobody and nobody cares what I think. Well, the passion is what has always driven this show, driven you to the edge awaiting each week's results and then into the fandom which exploded thereafter.

With the show bowing out night—I've written an emotional farewell note on the show's impact on my personal life—I stroll carefree down memory lane with the definitive scorecard of the 40 Greatest Performances of All Time. Some you might hate; others might confuse you; and still others might send you into a fit of hysterics. But regardless, you will be passionate about it, and that's all this show has ever asked of you. To love, to cherish, to vote furiously for...your favorite singer.

An ‘American Idol’ Farewell—A Moment Like This Can Change Everything


Now, without further adieu, grab a box of tissues and dig in:

40. Erika Van Pelt, Edge of Glory (Lady Gaga) — Season 11, Wildcard

39. Kendra Chantelle, Georgia on My Mind (Ray Charles) — Season 10, Wildcard

38. Jessica Meuse, Blue Eyed Lie (original) — Season 13, Top 8

37. Didi Benami, Terrified (Kara DioGuardi) — Season 9, Hollywood Week

36. Trent Harmon, Chandelier (Sia) — Season 15, Top 4

35. Lauren Alaina, Candle in the Wind (Elton John) — Season 10, Top 11

34. Jena Irene, Can't Help Falling in Love with You (Elvis Presley) — Season 13, Top 4

33. Chris Daughtry, Hemorrhage (Fuel) — Season 5, Top 20

32. La'Porsha Renae, Glory (from Selma) — Season 15, Top 3

31. Clay Aiken, Bridge Over Troubled Water — Season 2 Finale

30. Jennifer Hudson, Circle of Life (Elton John) — Season 3, Top 

29. Siobhan Magnus, Paint It Black (The Rolling Stones) — Season 9, Top 12

28. Casey James, Jealous Guy (John Lennon) — Season 9, Top 9

27. Jason Castro, Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen) — Season 7, Top 16

26. Katelyn Epperly, The Scientist (Coldplay) — Season 9, Semi-Finals

25. Syesha Mercado, One Rock and Roll Too Many (from Starlight Express) — Season 7, Top 6

24. Bo Bice, In a Dream (Badlands) — Season 4, Top 3

23. Phillip Phillips, Volcano (Damien Rice) — Season 11, Top 4

22. Pia Toscano, I'll Stand by You (The Pretenders) — Season 10, Top 24

21. Carly Smithson, Come Together (The Beatles) — Season 7, Top 12

20. Joshua Ledet, It's a Man's, Man's, Man's World (James Brown)

19. Candice Glover, Lovesong (The Cure) — Season 12, Top 6

18. Jessica Sanchez, And I Am Telling You (I'm Not Going) (Jennifer Holliday) — Season 11, Top 4

17. Katharine McPhee, Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Judy Garland) — Season 5, Finale

16. Carrie Underwood, Alone (Heart) — Season 4, Top 11

15. Fantasia, Summertime (from Porgy and Bess) — Season 3, Top 8

14. Allison Iraheta, Cry Baby (Janis Joplin) — Season 8, Top 4

13. Blake Lewis, You Give Love a Bad Name (Bon Jovi) — Season 6, Top 6

12. David Cook, Always Be My Baby (Mariah Carey) — Season 7, Top 7 

11. Crystal Bowersox, Me & Bobby McGee (Roger Miller) — Season 9 Finale

10. Haley Reinhart, House of the Rising Sun (The Animals) — Season 10, Top 5

9. Elise Testone, Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin) Season 11, Top 9

8. David Archuleta, Imagine (John Lennon) — Season 7

7. Kris Allen, Heartless (Kanye West) - Season 8, Top 3

6. Jordin Sparks, I (Who Have Nothing) (from Carousel) — Season 6, Top 6

5. Tamyra Gray, A House is Not a Home (Dionne Warwick) — Season 1, Top 5

4. Adam Lambert, Mad World (Tears for Fears) — Season 8, Top 8

3. Melinda Doolittle, Have a Nice Day (Bon Jovi) Season 6, Top 6

2. Michael Johns, It's All Wrong But It's All Right (Dolly Parton ) Season 7, Top 9

1. Kelly Clarkson, Stuff Like That There (Betty Hutton) — Season 1, Top 6


Stay tuned for music updates. Be sure to follow @Popdust and @JasonTheScott on Twitter!

Jordin Sparks has officially shed her wide-eyed pop sheen for a more mature urban image. For her Double Tap music video with rapper 2 Chainz (out today), the former American Idol Season 6 champion seduces her iPhone for the perfectly seductive Instagram snapshot. Directed by Dabs, the clip (below) features sexy lingerie, bathroom selfies and a bumpin' club scene.

“For me in the song, the girl is talking to the guy saying, ‘I know you stalk my page. I know you look at the photos. I know that you don’t like them. I bet you’re not going to like that picture, but I know you like me,’” she tells Yahoo! Music in an exclusive debut of the video. “But then you can take it another way as well, like you’re in a relationship with someone. Say we’re sitting next to each other. Say we’re together, right? I’m scrolling through my phone, and I hover over a picture of a really hot guy, and you’re like, ‘I know you’re not about to tap that picture. I know you’re not about to double-tap that picture in front of me.’”

Double Tap, a far cry from her signature No Air (with Chris Brown) and her anthemic Battlefield, is lifted from Sparks' #BYEFELICIA mix tape and sets the stage for her forthcoming Louder Than Life debut Right Here, Right Now (a follow-up to 2009's pop-rock Battlefield album). The record is set for release later this spring, via Sony producer Salaam Remi.

Stay tuned for Jordin Sparks updates. Be sure to follow @Popdust and @JasonTheScott on Twitter!

This week on RuPaul's Drag Race, the claws came out and we got a feel for who's real and who's as fake as their contoured boobies.

This week started with a mini challenge where the girls had to give face while the boys from the pit crew blew them…with a leaf blower.

They had 15 minutes to beat their face before they literally got a leaf blower shoved right in front of their mouths. Oh, and did we mention the guest judge for this challenge was Moby? WHAT?! Why???

The queens literally looked like they jumped out of a spaceship and plummeted to Earth with their mouths wide open. Not a cute look. But the two who stood out and won the challenge were Ginger Minj and Trixie Mattel.

As a reward, they were both named team captains and got to choose their teams for the main challenge—producing a pre-flight safety video for the first airline run by drag queens—Glamizonian Airways. Yessssss.

They picked their teams and surprise, surprise, Kandy Ho was the last one picked. Trixie's team started off a bit rough. First of all, none of them liked Violet. Then at rehearsal, none of them were comfortable with the choreography. Katya couldn't remember her monologue for shit, and Miss Fame's hips literally did not move. She's like the Tin Man.

Also, she’s a bitch and other queens were commenting that she alluded to the fact that she’s not a performer. Well now Miss Fame well back tracking real quick saying that there’s more to drag than just lip syncing and dancing. Not on this show hunty.

Jasmine Masters: "Every drag queen should know how to perform, or else you’re just playing dress up and going to the club."

Miss Fame: "But some of our aspirations are not to be at the club for the rest of our career."

Oh no she better don't!

Finally, the main stage challenge was about to begin and the guest judges were none other than Jordin Sparks and Olivia Newton Jooooooohn!

Team Trixie went first and Katya totally fucked up her opening monologue, starting things off on the wrong perfectly pedicured foot. But all in all a 6.

Ginger’s team however nailed the choreography, the lip syncing, and the acting was hilariously campy. Solid 9 for Team Ginger Minj.

Then the queens had to do a runway look that was Jet Set Eleganza. In the end, Ginger Minj won the challenge, primarily for her performance and not so much for her take on "Liz Taylor on a private plane" look. Meh.

Katya was called out for screwing up her monologue and Sasha Belle for, well,  just sucking all around. They lip synced for their lives to Twist of Fate by the gorgeous Miss Olivia Newton John and Katya blew everyone away. Sasha may as well have layer down on the runway and took a nap. At least that would have been more memorable.

In the end, Sasha sashayed away. As always, Mama Ru made the right choice.

What did you think of Rupaul's Drag Race? Sound off in the comments below!