Photos and Interview by Jordan Edwards

With his breathy bedroom vocals and heartbreaking lyrics, JORDY is something of a throwback. You can imagine the LA singer-songwriter on a mall tour in the early '90s or performing on the original TRL. He doesn't just sing about love and breakups, he sings about the moments inside those relationships.

We met up with JORDY at Venice Beach to eat some ice cream and talk about new music, including the single "Dry Spell."

"Dry Spell" is about lust vs. feelings, and you’re not shy about the subject on social media. Do you think people in general are becoming more comfortable with queer artists talking about sex?
I’d like to think so! I try to always be as authentic and conversational in my music as possible. Sex is actually something I’ve felt shame attached to for a long time, so making this song was incredibly cathartic for me. Talking about sex is very important and I think that as a queer person, it’s important to allow my queer listeners to feel seen and heard. Straight artists have always been singing about sex; we should be able to do the same.

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