Karrueche Tran Christina Milian Kiss

The best way to get over Chris Brown is to get under a hot chick, so after locking lips with BFF Christina Milian at Hollywood hotspot The Nice Guy on Tuesday night, Karrueche Tran must be feeling a whole lot better!

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The 34-year-old Emmy winning Milian planted a passionate smooch square on the lips of the 27-year-old model just outside the exclusive celeb haunt. Well, she got more of Karrueche’s teeth than her lips ‘cuz she was cracking an ear-to-ear grin as Christina leaned in for the kill. For some reason, the Like Me singer also had a wad of bills clenched in her hand, perhaps to tempt Tran further if her sexual advances were at first denied.  Or maybe they were on their way to Star Strip, the all nude strip club next door to Nice Guy.

Hollywood’s BFFs—Surprising Celebrity Friendships

Christina looked fierce...

...in a Citizens of Humanity blue denim jumpsuit and snakeskin lace-up heels, while Tran looked totes adorbs in a cream-colored sweater dress and pale pink patent leather ankle boots!

After the quasi make-out, the gal pals headed into the club for what was likely a night of commiserating over their trifflin’, cheating, lying exes. In 2003, after a 2 -year romance, Milian ditched Nick Cannon among allegations that the Americas Got Talent star cheated.

The long- suffering Tran...

...finally broke up with Chris after years cheating and abuse rumors. The nail in the coffin came when Brown impregnated former model Nia Guzman while they were together. Guzman and the 26 year-old rapper are co-parenting their daughter Royalty.

It’s OK For Chris Brown To Stalk Karrueche Tran—”He’s A Fool In Love”

On January 12, Tran alluded to her single struggles on Twitter:

Who needs a man when you've got friends like this!

Karrueche Tran Christina Milian Kiss

Locking lips....

Karrueche Tran Christina Milian Kiss

They obviously found it funny—very cute outfits.

Karrueche Tran Christina Milian Kiss

It's been another turbulent week for Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran culminating in Brown following Tran to her house, fighting at 3.30 am and the cops being called!

Karrueche Tran has been trying to get over the dysfunctional trainwreck of a relationship with Chris Brown that she ended when it was revealed he had fathered a child during their time together. She went for a night out with pal Christina Milian on Thursday to Playhouse and who should get a table right next to her?  Yep you've got it—old Breezy himself.

Alleged Female Trespasser Gets Restraining Order Against Chris Brown

Apparently this did not go down well with Tran, who left the club. Charmer Stalker that he is, Brown, 26,  followed her out and hopped/squeezed himself uninvited into her SUV.  Sources told TMZ that she did NOT want him in the vehicle and dropped him off with friends a short time later.

Tran, 27 went home but, determined not to be deterred, Brown then showed up at her door at around 3.30 am, yelling for her to open up!  He caused such a commotion that neighbors called the police to complain.  The officers spoke to both Brown and Tran but no arrests were made.

However the night doesn't end there for this volatile couple.  Tran left her home and went to Norm's Diner where Brown showed up a short while later.  Now whether she escaped his presence and he trailed her there or they arranged to meet up is unclear.  Once inside though things didn't go well (when do they ever with these two?) and a full blown shouting match ensued.  Tran left alone and this time Brown did not follow.

An insider has attempted to explain Brown's behavior by telling HollywoodLife;

"Chris didn’t want to go to Karrueche’s house, but the overwhelming love he has for her drove him to. He just wanted to talk to her…that’s all. If she would have just let him say what he had to say, this wouldn’t have gone down the way it did,

He’s just a fool in love. He’s very obsessed with Karrueche and he feels embarrassed at how this all unfolded."

So it's her fault then?  He's just an old romantic and she was asking for trouble because she wouldn't listen to him?  (Maybe if Rihanna had just listened to him she wouldn't have gotten a black eye).

Maybe other stalkers' or abusers' obsessive and unacceptable behavior can be defended in future by just a shrug and 'he's a fool in love Your Honor, it's her fault for not listening to him'.

God this guy is such an unbelievably arrogant, egotistical douche.

Take the advice that social media is offering you Karrueche—get a restraining order NOW!


In the stupid macho war of words (and selfies) between Chris Brown and Tyson Beckford, the stakes have risen.

Brown's buddy posted a picture of a heavy police presence in Las Vegas, where both men are staying. Brown copied the picture on Instagram with a taunt for Beckford.

Beckford posted a video of himself at a firing range, aiming an assault rifle, with a caption calling our Chris Brown.

JESUS CHRIST, all this bullshit over a harmless selfie?!?

Here's a comment I liked, except for the Jew Honkey part:

Who else besides other thugs think this kind of thing is impressive? And how did Riri ever fall for Chris Brown?

Word to the wise: Stay away from Karrueche.

Chris Brown is involved in another battle—this time with his baby mumma Nia Guzman over his 'refusal' to pay child support for their daughter Royalty.

Breezy, 26,  was reportedly paying $2500 per month up until March but refused to pay more when Nia apparently asked for an increased amount of $15,000 per month.  Clearly they have differing ideas on what it costs to raise a one year old!

TMZ report that he has stopped the payments entirely as he feels the increased claim is 'ridiculous' and that Nia just views him as a winning lottery ticket.

Now Nia is said to be lawyering up ready to try to legally get Brown to pay up—she claims she is unable to care for their daughter adequately without the $$$.

Since it was revealed that Chris was Royalty's father, he's had a few changes in his life.  Karrueche Tran dumped his ass when he was identified as the baby daddy and he has been trying to spend time with his little girl—even getting into an Instagram battle with Nia's boyfriendKing Ba,  trying to prove who's the better dad!

Complicated or what?  Better get this kid a therapist lined up quick!

Now that Chris Brown's secret baby has been exposed and Karrueche Tran has dumped his ass (apparently for good this time), the 26-year-old model(?) has naturally ran to the media and sold her story..

Karrueche is set to appear on the OWN reality series Iyanla: Fix My Life for an exclusive sit-down interview about all things Breezy.

A dramatic 30-second teaser of the episode doesn't reveal anything specific, but it does look like Karrueche is going to be spilling ALL the tea on her famous ex-boyfriend and all his baby mama drama.

Enjoy your fifteen minutes while it lasts, Karrueche!

Look for Karrueche's episode to air on Saturday, March 28.

Chris Brown is taking his notorious jackassery to levels unknown, even for him.

Barely weeks after it became public knowledge that he had a baby with a woman NOT his girlfriend, the singer sees fit to lecture ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran about being a "lady" on Instagram.

No, seriously.

Karrueche posted a racy picture of herself in a bikini on the beach, which Chris took exception to because he is such a paragon of morality when he isn't knocking bitches up, throwing chairs out of windows or beating the shit out of Rihanna.


Let's just recap this real quick - one of the biggest morons in the entertainment industry, unable to keep his dick in his pants or his fists to himself, is lecturing his long-suffering ex-girlfriend about being a ho.

Thanks for the laughs, Chris! Don't you have a probation hearing to go to or something?


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