TOP 10 | 2020 Celebrity Presidential Tickets

Electoral College via Likes and Retweets

This week Stacey Dash announced her candidacy for a congressional seat in California, and it's got everyone thinking again about 2020. We've already got some hot candidates for the presidency: Oprah, The Rock, perhaps Senator Kid Rock. But who else might make for an interesting run at it? Here's a rundown on celebrities to watch for come election season...

1. Gigi Hadid

Running mate: Bella Hadid

As we've seen in elections past, the key qualities of a candidate are: popularity, photographs, being in the news. Qualities that make for a failed candidate seem to include: qualifications, intellect, a knowledge base. For this reason, Instagram models really make for the best presidential candidates.

A Hadid-Hadid ticket looks promising. One danger sign, though, could be deciding which of the Hadids (Hadidi? Hadida?) would run for which position. Beware of possible infighting, even a coup from the Bella camp.

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