TOP 10 | 2020 Celebrity Presidential Tickets

Electoral College via Likes and Retweets

This week Stacey Dash announced her candidacy for a congressional seat in California, and it's got everyone thinking again about 2020. We've already got some hot candidates for the presidency: Oprah, The Rock, perhaps Senator Kid Rock. But who else might make for an interesting run at it? Here's a rundown on celebrities to watch for come election season...

1. Gigi Hadid

Running mate: Bella Hadid

As we've seen in elections past, the key qualities of a candidate are: popularity, photographs, being in the news. Qualities that make for a failed candidate seem to include: qualifications, intellect, a knowledge base. For this reason, Instagram models really make for the best presidential candidates.

A Hadid-Hadid ticket looks promising. One danger sign, though, could be deciding which of the Hadids (Hadidi? Hadida?) would run for which position. Beware of possible infighting, even a coup from the Bella camp.

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Super model and girl about town Cara Delevingne has added pop-star Sam Smith to her legion of best friends, taking him on his first helicopter ride during the Rock in Rio festival.

They were in Brazil to see Cara's other BFF, Rihanna, not to be confused with Cara's bestie Kate Moss, who recently swapped sexy selfies with Cara in a hotel room.

How does Cara find time to make so many friends, you may wonder, but the young model-turned-actress is apparently a bundle of endless energy and much much more than a pair of glorious eyebrows.

Cara is also a close pal of Miley Cyrus, Kendall Jenner, and Rita Ora. Also Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, model Jourdan Dunn and Karl Lagerfeld.

With 20 million Instagram followers, she is also popular with regular people who follow her every move, marvel at her every facial expression, and literally beg her to notice them, just for an instant.

It has got to the point where if you aren't in a photograph arm in arm with Cara Delevingne, you don't really rate as a celerity and in fact, you may not even exist.

If a tree falls in the forest and Cara is nearby, you'll hear it. Otherwise no, complete silence.

Can anyone really be this likable or is Cara more like a mascot for opportunists?

So far, no one has ever been less than adoring of Cara, except for that one interview where her dry humor seemed to baffle a pair of clueless TV hosts.  Cara is widely praised for her authenticity, humor, kindness and work ethic. She is candid and self-deprecating about her looks. She is frank about her bisexuality without making a big deal about it. She is seen on the streets regularly, without make-up and dressed for comfort.

Unlike Taylor Swift's 'squad' of besties who serve as glamorous stage props, Cara's BFF's appear by all accounts to be part of her real everyday life.

Cara has performed with Pharrell and is even said to be recording with Beyonce, who is no doubt another BFF. She is featured in the latest Yves Saint Laurent Beauty campaign as well as campaigns for both Burberry and Mango.

Hugh Jackman, who appears with Cara in the movie 'Pan,' says of his young co-star:

She’s just the coolest chick. She’s so there. What you see is what you get.

If you're not friends with Cara, at least be prepared to rhapsodize about her eyebrows and goofy expressions, or you might as well just pack up your things and return to your own planet.

Lately the tabloids have been hard on model Kate Moss for allowing her face to age, perhaps preferring the smooth spotless appearance of Angelina Jolie.

Both woman have hit 40, choosing very different approaches to the aging process.

While Kate is roundly admonished for her wild lifestyle, which is credited for her freckles and crow's feet, her face is merely the face of a beautiful 41 year old woman. Without make-up, she looks natural but imperfect.

Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie sports the face of one who has never been exposed to sunlight, the smooth planes of her face reminiscent of a wax mannequin. While it's typical for our lips to thin slightly as we age, Angelina's lips are swollen to bursting point. Both women are smokers, but only Kate's face shows the effects.

With all the criticism of Kate's signs of aging, it's no wonder that women dread getting older. But only the most naive among us would believe that Angelina's face is the work of nature and not regular visits to a dermatologist and perhaps a plastic surgeon.

Each woman has made a conscious choice of how to age.

Here are some of the options available to Kate Moss, if she were interested in looking 20 forever, courtesy of our expert, Dr. Ben Benham, Santa Monica dermatologist named by by Newsweek as one of the top 10 Physicians and Surgeons in the US, with appearances on The Doctors Show, FOX Good Day LA and ABC News:

Lasers like the Lumenis IPL Photofacial, Fraxel, SmartXide, Active FX, and Cynosure Apogee Elite, used for variety of treatments, ranging from hair removal, blood vessel removal,  brown spot removal, wrinkles and acne scars.

Injectable fillers like Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse, Sculptra and Perlane to erase wrinkles or folds and to restore volume to aging cheeks, eye hollows, smoker's lip-line, etc.

Botox and Dysport to smooth forehead and eyes, and to relax muscles in the neck responsible for those telling 'neck-bands.'

Ultherapy® to firm, tighten and actually lift skin tissue via non-invasive sound waves.

Dr. Benham emphasizes that beauty is very personal and individual, but he notes that glowing, healthy skin is the ideal for most women. He tailors his treatment according to each person's desires and objectives, but favors a natural look.

I admit I am biased toward Kate Moss: Her iconic face is still my own ideal of seductive beauty. If I could age like Kate Moss, I'd sign up in a heartbeat.

For others, Angelina Jolie is the epitome of female perfection. Her face and features have an otherworldly quality that verges on the bionic, to my eyes. If she plans to allow nature to take its course, it is not yet apparent.

Popdust readers, where do you stand? Frozen in time and artificial perfection, or marked by natural aging and experience?

Cocaine Kate is firmly off the wagon once again—and we are so happy about it.

The 41-year-old cat walker was escorted from a flight traveling from Bodrum, Turkey to London on Sunday for being drunk and disorderly!

Bedfordshire Police were called to help an easyJet crew handle a disruptive passenger upon landing at London’s Luton airport, but the lithe beauty was able to escape arrest and no formal complaints were made.

What might lead the original waif supermodel to behave in such a way? Why, hunger, of course!

Kate had lived on "veggie drinks" for the last five days at a detox center in Turkey and, well, bitch was hungry—and she flew into a hypoglycemic rage when she saw the crew hoovering up pasta.

And then, when she found out the crew had run out of sandwiches…oh shit, son.

"It's fucking all right for them to eat pasta when we're hungry,” she raged.

According to the Daily Mail, in addition to a shit ton of vodka, loneliness may have been a factor in Kate’s meltdown as well.

As soon as Moss got on the plane, the crew separated her from her friends, claiming the airline had overbooked. Then, news of the sandwich shortage came. It hit her hard. Kate needed a drink, and she needed one bad.

"She was behaving ridiculously and effing and blinding her head off," a weary traveler revealed. "I had two teenage daughters with me who were very shocked at her language.

"She was with friends but none of them had seats together and they weren't too pleased. Kate was up and down like a yoyo to go see them and talk to them. She was sitting at the back with her friend and they were kicking off because the plane had run out of the sandwiches she wanted."

So Kate turned to the fail safe: booze…. lots and lots of booze…..

Fellow passengers claim that when flight attendants cut off the alcohol supply to Moss, she took matters in to her own hands and dug into her secret stash of vodka, conveniently tucked away in her Vuitton luggage.

Another passenger revealed Moss called the pilot a “basic bitch,” which is effing awesome.

“She called the pilot a basic bitch as police led her off the plane, she was a little drunk and had a disagreement with another passenger on the flight as she was refused alcohol and then went to serve her own vodka from her cabin luggage,” the passenger dished.

A more forgiving jet-setter added, “But she was not aggressive to anyone and was funny really, the easyJet crew was acting out of proportion.”

Other passengers were pissed though—The basic bitch crew and pilot chose to delay everyone’s deplaning in order to escort a nonaggressive tipsy supermodel off of a flight that had already landed?

Soooooo lame.

But even lamer?

The fact that the multi-millionaire supermodel was flying on easyJet in the first place…… Oh, how the mighty have fallen….


We all know that celebrities have a team of stylists and make up artists on hand to ensure their beauty shines through at all times - however there seems to be an area that is being overlooked and ending up…well, ugly.

Other than the basic pedicure available to all us lowly commoners, it seems that the rich and famous don’t get any other foot work, leaving their feet fails exposed for the world to see.

Corns, bunions, over hanging toes, crossed toes, wonky toes, claw toes – the list of foot flaws is endless and makes them human.

But wait! I don’t want human from my celebs. I want to look up to them, aspire to be them and be able to admire their beauty from head to toe.

Sort it out celebrities - time to get fanatic about your feet!


On Wednesday night, Kate Moss celebrated her 25 years in the fashion industry and everyone got drunk—off her boobs. Well, not really. Just her left boob.

Among the revelers getting hammered at London’s 34 off of Moss tit were Rita Ora and Sadie Frost.

You see, in a tour de force of celebrity narcissism, the Champagne flutes were molded from Moss’ left breast.

British artist Jane McAdam Freud designed the glasses, which were inspired by Marie Antoinette—as legend has it that the first Champagne coupe in the 18th century was modeled from the royal’s left hooter.

“I was excited to participate in this project, what an honor to be alongside Marie Antoinette—she was a very intriguing and mischievous character,” Moss told Vogue UK. “Champagne is always associated with celebration and happy occasions, and I had fun creating this beautiful coupe.”

Anyone hoping to suckle from the supermodel teat can head on down to 34 or its sister restaurants—The Ivy, Daphne’s and Scott’s—which are now serving Champagne in the Kate coupes.