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R.I.P. King Von: Great Tracks for Those New to His Music

The budding drill rapper was gunned down last night.

King Von was a special sort of talent.

Brandishing a unique flow and an uncanny ear for melody, the 26-year-old Chicago emcee had an unprecedented talent with the pen. Deeply embedded in the O Block gang life of Chicago at an early age, the reflective narratives of his music demanded our immediate attention.

On "Crazy Story," King Von's 2018 debut single, he weaves a synchronized tale of a robbery attempt gone sour, describing every step of the encounter with invigorating detail rarely seen in drill music. At one moment, he stalks his target from his car like "Snoop off The Wire" and slowly grabs his glock, only to become distracted by the thoughts of loss that regularly plague his mind.

"Can't be zonin' out," he tells himself to snap out of it. The track never allows us to exhale until its explosive finale and remains an all-consuming piece of writing.

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Lets close out this exhausting week with some gritty new music.

First things first: Rest in peace, King Von.

The Chicago emcee, an unprecedented talent and storyteller, had one of the most captivating releases of 2020. This morning, he passed away from gunshot wounds after a shootout near the Monaco Hookah Lounge in downtown Atlanta late last night.

TMZ listed the number of people shot at six, and conflicting reports show that Von's death could have been caused either by police or Quando Rondo's entourage. More details are emerging; but either way, it is a heartbreaking development.

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