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MUSIC MONDAY | Kyle Reynolds is “The Real Thing”

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THE MIX | Reaching Inside and Getting Real

10.01.18 | "In my opinion, these are some of the realest songs out right now and I'm so excited to share them with you. These are all songs that make me feel something and inspire me to create more music. With a mixture of genres and voices, I think there's at least something for everyone in this playlist. I hope you find your new favorite artist in this batch of songs."

California-based Kyle Reynolds is on track to be the next big thing. With his pop songs already filling the airwaves and being featured on network television, the singer-songwriter-producer is brimming with talent and passion while his self-reflection and sense of purpose keep him personally grounded as he sets to soar professionally.

His single "The Real Thing," written by Kyle Reynolds and Adam John and produced by Mr. Popular just released September 26. The relationship-based lyrics prove Reynolds is a romantic at heart but knows when a connection can mean even more. He keeps it real, not only through the song's message but in his style and sound, detail and delivery. Catchy and creative, "The Real Thing" is exactly as it's titled. Real and relatable…and one you'll put on "repeat!"

Listen to "The Real Thing" below:

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kyle reynolds hold you tighter video exclusive premiere

Nashville singer-songwriter Kyle Reynolds' new single Hold You Tighter is an extreme, inescapable rush of emotions. The track, co-written with and produced by Sam Ellis (who has worked with country acts like Hunter Hayes and The Band Perry), samples Reynolds' forthcoming new EP. The music video, which Popdust premieres below, is hazy, Instagram-filtered and quite affecting. "Before you read this I want this song to be whatever you need it to be for you, your life, and current circumstances, but I’m also going to share what it means to me," he writes of the song.

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"When I was a freshman in high school my parents got divorced and almost EVERY SINGLE one of my friends' parents are divorced now. I know there are more traumatic things going on in the world and within families, but that doesn’t mean that divorce doesn’t leave people hurt, confused, and a little shaken-up," he continues. "I know because I’ve experienced it. The fact that we are even a little bit desensitized to divorce hurts my heart and doesn’t seem right to me. There’s so much that plays into this temporary non-committal society that we are a part of today and I think even things that are awesome like Instagram contribute in a way. For example, you look at a picture go, 'Wow, That’s great, I like her/him, She’s/He’s cute, then move on to the next thing that sparks our interest.' And hey, I might be looking into it a little too much, but in a way that’s kind of what a lot of us do in our relationships, whether intimate or just friendly relationships and probably without knowing it. And I’ll be the first one to admit I’ve done it myself. The time we spend and decisions we make everyday play a huge part in how we love other people."

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Check out Hold You Tighter below:

Reynolds opens up even more about the power and meaning of the song and the need for change. "I believe if you would usually walk a mile for the person you love, you should run 10 when things get tough. If something’s broken FIX IT, don’t buy a new one, because chances are that one will break too and you’ll end up in the same situation you were before. I pray this song can be an anthem that saves relationships, friendships, and marriages. That is a huge expectation, but I also believe in a God that does huge things, is faithful, and limitless. I’ve never believed in the message of a song so much and I hope you decide to join me in this and be a part of repairing peoples broken hearts and relationships. When we feel like we’re slipping away let’s hold that person tighter than we ever did before; whether it’s our wife, husband, brother, sister, best friend..."

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"In a generation where people are always looking for the next best thing and are looking for the quickest exit strategy when things get tough, I wanted to interrupt that brokenness with this song; Hold You Tighter. Thanks for listening and reading," he says.

Reynolds' Hold You Tighter is now available on iTunes.

kyle reynolds hold you tighter video exclusive premiere

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kyle reynolds hold you tighter video exclusive premiere