The Chordaes Release 'Venus'

The yearning tones of unrequited love.

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Meet The Chordaes: Leo Sawikin (vocals, guitar), Ethan Glenn (drums), Dan Cobert (keyboards), and Kevin Foley (guitar).

According to front man Sawikin, Chordaes are "the tendons in your heart that hold the valves to the muscles as it is expanding and contracting. Our name is a statement about the power of music in general, and about how we think. It's about something that holds the delicate parts of you together."

"Venus," the lead single off the band's forthcoming EP, What We Breathe In, premieres today on Popdust. The EP is slated to drop January 2019. "Venus" is about the desire for someone who is unattainable, yet still possesses authority over your heart.

The Chordaes | Venus | Official Music Video

Sawikin explains the song, saying, "The idea of the song is that like two neighboring planets, we are locked in place by forces greater than we are. It's about being in limbo with someone and being powerless to move closer or further from them."

"Venus" opens with a soft thumping beat, like the pulse of a heart, underneath a throbbing bass line and trembling guitar. Sawikin's touching tones infuse the tune with passionate, yearning colors. As the music mousses up on the chorus, the tune glows with coruscating hues of smoldering desire. The indie-rock melody, laced with tinges of pop, reflects subtle nuances of love's dream – aching for someone beyond your reach.

The lyrics, tender and expressive, expose an articulate cry of adoration.

"You / Don't feel the same way that I / Do / Yet still / You have been here all this time / Oh Venus, you got a hold on me / Oh Venus, you're so close yet you're so out of reach."

"Venus" is superb. The song makes no pretense of stoic resignation. Instead, it bares the palpable energy of unrequited love.

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