Stop Freaking Out About the TikTok Skullbreaker Challenge

The Skullbreaker Challenge is actually pretty funny.

Photo by Nik on Unsplash

Meet the newest bad boy of "Internet Challenges That Can Kill Your Kids": TikTok's Skullbreaker Challenge.

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Top 8 Celebrity Lip Sync Battles, Ever

Anne Hathaway really did that.

Twitter Queen Chrissy Teigen

Photo by Kristin Callahan-Shutterstock

If you haven't seen clips of Lip Sync Battle, then you probably haven't been down a YouTube rabbit hole at 3 AM while elbow-deep in a family-sized bag of Cheese Nipz.

If that's the case, good for you, you functional member of society. Now follow me to Wonderland, motherf*cker.

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