The trailer for Netflix's upcoming Space Force series looks pretty funny, but don't be fooled. Space Force is a tragedy in the making.

The premise of Space Force certainly sounds funny. Steve Carell stars as Mark Naird, a 4 Star General and former number two of the United States Air Force. Naird has always wanted to command his own service branch, and he's about to get his wish, albeit with a Monkey's Paw twist. The service branch Naird is being put in charge of is the (unnamed) POTUS's newest endeavor: Space Force.

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5 Stupid TV Show Pop-Ups That Would Still Be Better Than the "Friends" Pop-Up Experience

The Friends Pop-Up Experience is stupid and anything else would be better.


Nobody told me life was gonna be this way, and by that I mean nobody told me that every stupid franchise would get a stupid pop-up "experience."

Is Friends the most bland, generic, milquetoast sit-com to ever grace television screens? Yes, of course. Is Joey the most annoying character ever written? Maybe. Do I want to punch David Schwimmer for no good reason? Possibly. Look, people like Friends for some reason, and that's fine. But why would anyone want to pay $29.50 to "experience" walking around a recreation of Chandler's apartment? If you want to walk around someone else's apartment, go to an open house for free. Also, you can "stick a turkey on your head," because dear G*d our entire world is burning.

But hey, if dumb TV show pop-ups are in, let's go all out. Pop-up everything! Here are some other stupid TV show pop-up ideas that people would probably still pay for:

The Office Pop-Up

the office NBC

At The Office Pop-Up, you get to experience a 9-5 workday like never before! Walk around a full recreation of the Dunder Mifflin Office. Sit at Jim's desk and pick up the phone. It's a client with questions about paper stock. Hope you know what you're talking about or you might lose the sale! For lunch, try some of Kevin's famous chili, but be careful, because you need to eat it off the floor. Attend a meeting where a man in a suit says some racist stuff. Guests are forced to stay for a full eight hours.

The Big Bang Theory Pop-Up


Step out of your living room and into The Big Bang Theory living room. Sit on Sheldon's couch! You can read one of his prized comic books if you want, but make sure not to bend the pages because it could be valuable some day. Best of all, The Big Theory pop-up is fully interactive. Four actors poorly pretending to be on the autism spectrum mill about, confronting guests (especially women) about nerd facts and then awkwardly hitting on them (only women). Just like The Big Bang Theory!

Glee Pop-Up

glee Fox

The Glee Pop-Up experience is kind of like going to a real high school glee club performance, except instead of paying $0, you pay $80. Broadway-level talent was unaffordable, so all of the singers possess roughly the same level of talent as the kids from your real high school glee club, too. In other words, the Glee Pop-Up offers the experience of attending a high school glee club performance because that's exactly what it is. But you still pay $80, okay? The price is justified because it's an experience? How dare you.

The Handmaid's Tale Pop-Up

the handmaids tale Hulu

Welcome to Gilead: every man's favorite American dystopian nightmare for women that seems closer to reality every day! Guests will be split into two groups: male and female. Anyone who doesn't conform to the gender binary is not allowed to participate. Male guests get enjoy the finer aspects of Gilead, including musty studies filled with books and angry glances from your repressed wife. Men will also enjoy a variety of wines and cheeses prepared by Marthas in Gilead-appropriate attire. Female guests get locked in a room where they can enjoy reciting bible verses for the duration of their time slot.

The Sopranos Pop-Up

the sopranos SOPRANOS, THE (US TV SERIES) Anthony Neste/HBO/The Kobal Coll

The Sopranos Pop-Up will be held in an Italian restaurant. Guests will be served heaping portions of baked ziti in Tupperware containers. As they eat their baked ziti, overweight Italian men will loudly discuss hits they've ordered using obvious double-speak for plausible deniability. One overweight Italian man might say, "Gino really whacked the ball," and then another overweight Italian man might respond, "Mikey's sleeping as sound as an old cannoli." Not all of these phrases will make perfect sense, but diners should get the gist.

What's a better reunion than a curse-off between Friends? That's what went down on last night's (Nov. 24) Jimmy Kimmel Live!, as two long-lost pals, Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow, reunited for a little fun times. Prompted by host Jimmy Kimmel, the actresses launched into a healthy game of Curse Off, which has previously proven to be rather hilarious. Quite the stress reliever!

Despite the curse words being bleeped—so, what's the point of this, then?—there's some lovely closed captioning for you to put two 'n two together. Some are dirty; some are raunchy; and others are downright disgusting. NSFW goes without saying here.

[PHOTO CREDIT: Araya Diaz/Michael Buckner/Getty]

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Friends is coming to Netflix - every single episode over 10 seasons, available immediately on January 1, 2015!!!

The cult show that made stars of Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, Matt Le Blanc, and Matthew Perry is finally available for streaming and in honor of the occasion, Netflix released a video of The Rembrandts singing the theme song at Central Perk.

Friends No More! Johnny McDaid And Courteney Cox Call Engagement Off

It's highly doubtful they will ever bring the show back, despite rumors the cast were reuniting.

"No, there's no truth to that. No," Courteney told E! News. "I wish! How fun. We have dinner, like, every month or so, and we have the best time. I will bring it up next dinner, for sure!"

So, basically we know what EVERYONE will be doing to overcome their hangovers on New Year's Day... binge-watching Friends!

It's the reunion that we’ve all been waiting 10 years for and cheeky Jimmy Kimmel has finally made it happen.

The late night talk show host apparently tricked Jennifer Aniston into an impromptu reunion on Wednesday night with Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow. And he went all out to make it happen.

If Jennifer thought she was going to be on Jimmy’s show just to promote her new film Life of Crime, she was wrong.

During the interview the comedian caught the 45-year-old unawares by saying:

“So, in the ‘90s, I was a big fan of the show Friends. I loved the show so much that I actually wrote some fan fiction…”

He then sheepishly said:

“So I was just wondering…I wrote the script and if you would do a scene from it with me?”

At that point Jimmy led the bemused actress over to another part of his set to unveil a replica of the characters Monica and Rachel’s New York apartment.

He said:

“This is an exact replica of the kitchen from the show. I actually spent $80,000 making it. To the T. Every detail is correct.”

Jennifer – who played Rachel Green on Friends – seemed genuinely shocked and reluctantly played along with Jimmy’s gag. However, she put her foot down when he handed her a “Rachel wig” to plop on her head.

Playing the character Ross, Jimmy then spends the next six minutes trying to get Rachel to make love to him.

In the hilarious sketch he gets some surprise guests to help him along the way. Enter Courteney Cox who played Monica Geller and Lisa Kudrow who played Phoebe Buffay.

Jennifer played along, although she did jokingly protest that the script was “dumb” and “stupid.”

But, as Jimmy pointed out:

“Is it dumber than living in a huge apartment in New York City for eight years even though you work at a coffee shop?”


And, just to remind us of how ridiculous the show sometimes was Jimmy joked about all of the friends meeting up so “we can all have breakfast together as a group before work like normal people do all the time.”

When the girls ask where Joey and Chandler – the other friends – are Jimmy said, “They’re dead.”

Poor guys. In Jimmy’s world Marcel the monkey bit them and gave them “monkey rabies.”

On Thursday the comedian tweeted: "Rachel, Monica & Phoebe are back with their BEST co-star yet!"

Check out the full sketch below.

HBO's The Comeback is one of the most underrated yet critically-acclaimed comedies of the 2000s, and come November, it'll return for a six-episode second season -- almost ten years after its initial cancellation.

The first video teaser for season two has just arrived, and although it doesn't reveal much, it offers enough to get fans of the series seriously excited for its return.

Check out Lisa Kudrow back in her role as the pathetic, cringeworthy, and totally lovable C-lister Valerie Cherish, below!