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Earlier this year, in an interview with Anderson Cooper, Joaquin Phoenix and his family opened up about the death of River Phoenix, in the early morning of Halloween, 1993.

Seven years after his iconic role as Chris Chambers in Stand By Me, River was making a name for himself as more than just a talented child actor—starring in a slate of movies in the early '90s, including My Own Private Idaho alongside Keanu Reaves. But as America was getting to know him, he was apparently getting to know the dark depths of Hollywood in his private life.

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X Factor vets and members of British sensation Little Mix seem hell-bent on bringing back all the best (and some of the worst) trends of the nineties. And just like they won us over with their incredible voices, we're starting to come around to their out-of-left-field style moves that, undoubtably, were inspired by some of the biggest talents of their childhood years.

You see, the nineties were a heydey of boy and girl bands, and they were also a major time for fashion. It was the decade that brought us B*witched out of Ireland, R&B artists Xscape, UK's All Saints and The Spice Girls—not to mention Destiny's Child and the rise of queen Beyoncé. Tops were cropped, jeans were ripped, overalls were sexy.

Right now, we're experiencing a resurgence of '90s gear and despite any reservations you may have, there's nothing left to do but embrace it. Take a trip down memory lane with the girls' top nineties fashion homages.


Photo credit: Splash News

Overalls were the jam in the nineties. To make them look feminine, groups like Destiny's Child and TLC wore theirs over fitted tops that showed a bit of skin or even better, with tube tops.

Destiny's Child. Photo credit: Star Millennial

TLC. Photo credit: Radio UTD

Brandy. Photo credit: MSN


Photo credit: Splash News

Gwen Stefani wasn't the only lady showing off her stomach in the nineties. Everyone from Sporty and Scary Spice to short-lived group B*witched was wearing short shirts and, we're sure, doing tons of crunches.

The Spice Girls. Photo credit: Girl Gang London

B*witched. Photo via Virgin Media

Liv Tyler in Aerosmith's "Crazy." Photo credit: Knuckle Skin


Leigh-Anne Pinnock leaves a club in London with her boyfriend. Photo credit: Splash news

Unlike overalls, mesh was always a super-sexy choice. Witness Christina Aguilera in her "Genie in a Bottle" days looking like a Disney princess that's about to go very, very off the rails.

Christina Aguilera. Photo credit: Nearly Vintage

Gwen Stefani. Photo credit: Nearly Vintage


Performing on their debut UK tour in Manchester. Photo credit: Craig Norwood

What's the perfect match for your tight crop top? Incredibly baggy pants that won't give you a muffin. This was a classic look, worn by everyone from All Saints to Janet Jackson to Aaliyah to Alicia Keys.

All Saints. Photo credit: MSN

Janet Jackson. Photo credit: Mocha Makeup


Perrie Edwards. Photo credit: Splash News

Pop stars have been trying out rainbow hair for the past year or so. These days the colors are less grungy and severe than they were 20 years ago, and more pretty and pastel.

Lil Kim. Photo credit: Buzznet

Gwen Stefani. Photo credit: Urban Outfitters


The band poses at the Free Radio Live concert last year. Photo credit: DFL/Corbis/Splash News

Ripped denim joins ultra-baggy pants as another nineties trend we can't believe is back. Still, if you dig this look it's refreshingly easy to achieve. All you need is a box cutter, a washing machine, jeans and time.

Salt-n-Pepa. Photo credit: Dr. Jays

Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. Photo credit: Posh24


Leigh-Anne Pinnock rocks a velvet shorts-legwarmers combo. Photo credit: Splash News

Crushed velvet was everywhere in the '90s: on floppy, Blossom-esque hats, on skintight spaghetti strap dresses, on pants, on baby tees. Didn't matter if it was summer or winter, velvet was in.

Courtney Love of Hole. Photo credit: NY Daily News

The Spice Girls wear velvet head-to-toe. Photo credit: Tumblr