Car​di B Feuds with Children (but Only When They Deserve It)

ZN8tion was asking for all the smoke the minute they said Cardi B smelled like poop.

Cardi B

Photo by David Fisher (Shutterstock)

Cardi B has shown that she doesn't take crap from anyone, and that especially and rightfully includes elementary school children.

"Not gonna let no little f***ing white boys come at me all motherf****ing day long," Cardi B said in an Instagram rant. The response was sparked by a diss track made by a rap group called ZN8tion, which is comprised of four 10-year-old brothers. "Motherf***ing shut the f*** up and stay in your motherf***ing place. Go drink your motherf***ing milk, bitch." The response was obviously justified. Just cause they're kids messing around does not give them the right to say cruel things like, "You smell like a turd" or that Cardi "reminds me of a germ." What creative and complex insults!

Cardi B, a proud 26-year-old woman who isn't afraid to stand up for herself against pre-adolescents, is in no way shape or form a germ. And she definitely doesn't smell like poop! And she wanted to make that clear to all the world! If anything, ZN8tion smells like poop! I think Cardi B would agree with me. Besides, they're spouting this toxic narrative to all 119 of their followers! That's practically a movement!

Sure, the multi-millionaire rapper probably has better things to do then start an Instagram quarrel with small children, but frankly their insults were so diabolically evil that they deserved to be roasted as hard as they were. You think they'd be safe from Cardi's wrath because they're children? Think again. Everyone needs to grow up, especially ZN8tion. I hope Cardi B reminded these tweens to act their age (10). Also, take note of their webcam-quality video. Clearly, they're not rich like Cardi B. Clearly they're just kids who decided to record this video during one of their playdates while they were on a sugar high from eating too much Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I hope that sugar crash hurts, ZN8tion, and I hope you think twice before making such a catastrophic mistake again!


Rico Nasty Drops One of the Best Albums of 2019 So Far: "Anger Management"

The Maryland rapper's newest mixtape, a collaboration with producer Kenny Beats, is a caustic celebration of anger, catharsis, and Rico herself.

"Aren't you tired of the same old thing?" a disarmingly calm computer voice asks—right before Rico Nasty gleefully shatters that same old thing with a sledgehammer.

Rico roars in her signature yowl, and a wall of jaw-breaking sound surges right behind her: "No it won't fade away, shots like a fade-away / Smile in a hater's face, watch what the fuck you say." Anger Management, her latest mixtape, sets its savage pace with opener, "Cold," and never slows down. Co-headlined with producer and frequent Rico collaborator, Kenny Beats, Anger Management is a mad-science experiment in cathartic rage, and the Maryland rapper has never sounded more at home than she does here, her punk sensibility and jagged flow staking out real estate in Beats' patchwork-banger production.

Following in the footsteps of Vince Staples' FM!, Earl Sweatshirt's Some Rap Songs, and Tierra Whack's kaleidoscopic Whack World, Anger Management barely scrapes twenty minutes in length, a brevity that demands a charismatic efficiency. Rico and Kenny Beats elect to fill out that time with bruiser after bruiser, rolling mosh-pit immediacy into a tight sonic discipline. Kenny Beats gives a cohesive edge to each track without sounding one-note, employing everything from John Carpenter-horror-gone-rap on "Cheat Code" to an irreverent jangle on the tongue-wagging "Big Titties." And it works: Anger Management's controlled rowdiness enhances Rico's eclectic personality, giving her bars room to grow into the sound.

Rico's clearly writing and rapping her ass off on Anger Management, to the point where the mixtape feels like the clearest expression of Rico Nasty to come out yet. Her cadence and vocal control are at their sharpest, but her skills as a narrator in the center of a sonic storm becomes the project's biggest pull: "Bitch, I got a family, everybody gotta eat / So keep that shit in mind when you thinkin' about tryin' me," she raps on "Hatin," a powerful threat wrapped in a loving fist. Rico tries on a few different registers during the album's breakneck tempo, spitting machine-gun acid and syrup-thick braggadocio alike (even some Juice Wrld-Drake sing-song warbling on album closer, "Again") and nails them all, but her point on Anger Management isn't just to flex, the album serves as a reminder that she's not going anywhere. "The kids stay around even though doors let out / 'Cause they just wanna tell me about how I helped them out / I won't let them down," Rico promises on "Sell Out," one of the most reflective songs she's released to date. Rico's made it, and life is good, but she's still defending her own—her talent, her hustle, the kids who hear those things in her music and pack into her shows looking for something they recognize. Rico Nasty is staying in the game for them as much as she is for herself, and she refuses to give anything up along the way.

Anger Management

Matthew Apadula is a writer and music critic from New York. His work has previously appeared on GIGsoup Music and in Drunk in a Midnight Choir. Find him on Twitter @imdoingmybest.

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Lo Lo shows off her Sweater Collection

Plus new music from Sarah Potenza, Ravens & Chimes, Lydia Halloway and more.

RELEASE RADAR is here to give you the breakdown of the top singles, albums, and videos of the week, so you can head into your weekend with a new list of killer tunes.


Lo Lo | "Sweater Collection"

Lo Lo has been charming listeners with infectious pop since 2018. Ahead of her debut EP, the Toronto pop sweetheart revealed the cheeky title track. "[In] Sweater Collection, I talk about how every old sweater in the back of my closet represents a failed/missed connection," said Lo Lo. "Each song in the album is about those specific connections, so I thought it was only fitting to name the entire album Sweater Collection. My collection of sweaters is in direct correlation with my collection of songs on the EP."

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Ravens & Chimes | "Irreplaceable Artifacts"

New York City's Ravens & Chimes have been consistently making waves in the indie rock world since 2005. Along with success comes mounting pressure, and their latest track reveals the group's struggle to keep pushing. "I wrote this song to stay upbeat about finding the things that are important (friends, family, making good work) and not letting the static get in the way," said vocalist Asher Lack. "It's a lot to ask of a song, but I'm happy with how it turned out and it's one of the rare times when the music actually came out better than it was in my head!

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Lydia Halloway | "Dancing to You"

The debut single from the rising pop queen, Lydia Halloway, pairs infectious dance beats with classic pop hooks. "['Dancing to You'] is about two things at once. It's about wanting someone's attention. But it's also about music itself," said Halloway. "If you listen to the chorus, it's really about how sharing music with someone — dancing with them — can feel like the closest you can ever get. This song is about trying to hold on to that moment."

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Belaver | "Swimmer"

New York City's experimental folk artist Belaver teases his upcoming album with another single. The lo-fi indie rock track "Swimmer" creates a wash of beats in which to drift away.

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La'Britney | Never Fold

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star La'Britney embraces her inner beauty in her latest video. "I wanted to create a balance in the visual by showing a very feminine, sensual, yet raw performance," she told Billboard. "Real hair, minimal makeup, simple style, raw emotions and dancing."

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Jake Miller | Wait For You

Singer-songwriter Jake Miller teamed up with Edgar Esteves to create the bold visuals for his latest track, "Wait For You," the lead single off his forthcoming EP.

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Sarah Potenza | Road To Rome

Sarah Potenza's second solo EP is a feminist battle cry — appropriately released on International Women's Day. Potenza fuses bluesy vocals and a rock n' roll attitude to create her most powerful sound to date.

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Kat Saul | ...from Unit 408

Kat Saul named her highly anticipated debut EP after her Nashville apartment number. "These songs are all about situations that kept me up at night pacing around my apartment," Kat explains. "The physical location of Unit 408 is the genesis for this entire project. I want people to feel at home with it."

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Allie Delyanis is an award-winning and losing freelance journalist based in New York City. She likes bands, books, breakfast food, and would love to be David Sedaris when she grows up. You can find more of her work on

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